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Could've been much better, but also could've been worse. This company does respond, but not as often as you'd expect to.

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Apr 22, 2019

I have been waiting for a scooter delivery since Oct. 2018. When I email, I get same response, the deal is on its way. I want a refund to my deal that was purchased. if someone can contact me to get a refund I will be elated. I have sent three emails trying to follow up. I can provide them... / scooter

Jan 03, 2019

Paid for a scooter 10/18 received email was on the way never heard from them. Have sent several emails. Don't know how to make this 300 words. Just know my complaints seem to be like everyone else's. I should had looked you up before sending money. I got this off Facebook if I see thi... / scooter

Dec 03, 2018

i bought a scooter 8 weeks ago was told was mailed first class 6 weeks ago, still havent recieved, order no. was 2180, have sent numerous e mails, keep telling me its coming, i an going to contact bbb and my credit card to file a fraud charge, and will never do anything with these people... / backpack

Dec 03, 2018

I received a confirmation email of my purchase on 19th Oct 2018. My shipment still hasn't arrived, despite 2 further emails saying - "will be there soon". The amount (it was changed to Pounds Sterling) was £13.98 I have the transaction number and emails saved to use if needed. My name i... / electric scooter

Nov 14, 2018

Bought the electric scooter over a month ago, only email I've received said it would be there in a few days, that was over a week and a half ago, every time I send an email, nobody responds. I'm starting to think this is fraudulent. There is no tracking info, no telephone, and no addre... / [protected]

May 07, 2018

I brought a phone from this site and with 1 year crazy deals warranty.after 4 month mobile got damaged and called them .but they didnt pick the call for the 3 days and last i sended mail .so after 1 week they responded and said they will arrange shiping, but for that also more than one... / warranty and import fraud

Nov 13, 2017

They sold me a non uae - model lg smartphone with a 2 year warranty - sheet. The phone is now garbage after 18 months and no one takes responsibility or is even trying to help sorting out a warranty repair. Lg does not accept as it is a non uae model. Crazydeals is responding with annoying... / product not received and they keep telling the same thing

Jan 03, 2017

I know its waste of time writing here about these people because i have read all the reviews and they replied the same "tried reaching the concerned person and no response" if these people are really responsive no one writes here This is a fraud company, you will not receive your money nor... / thieye camera

Jul 10, 2016

whom-so-ever it may concern, For I have been following up with your customer service ever since 16 May, 2016. It has been close to two months now and still they are unable to solve the issue Just to refresh, I bought two cameras from your FAKE website and got delivery... / kept my payment for a week and then cancelled the deal

Mar 13, 2016

stay away from this Company - unbelievable Business practise! bought a mobile for AED 1200.- and paid right away with PayPal. No notice from crazydeals, no order confirmation, no payment confirmation - NOTHING! after several days I wanted to know when I will receive the item I ordered and...

[Resolved] / horrible scam!

Feb 08, 2016

I would like to inform and warn everyone about this horrible scam company. I have ordered an Applie iPhone 6 from CrazyDeals and paid over $300 for it! When I finally received the phone I found that it was damaged . Their delivery service is also very poor, when my phone arrived I realized...

[Resolved] / duplicate product and lack of customer care

Jan 08, 2016

i brought one mobile from crazy deals they send me fake mobile that was not working properly like touch pad was not working .and i try to call customer care every day they attend my call after 2 days . i lost my 1 month behind this deal and the very pathetic part of crazy deals is after i...

[Resolved] / lg washer after service - terribly poor response and no customer care

Dec 26, 2015

Bought a LG Washer in August 2015. Ref # 64905. The machine started leaking within 3 months, the issue was with rubber seal in the front door not properly closing. Made a customer complaint in November. After literally 2, 3 phone calls everyday for almost a month, a courier guy came to...

[Resolved] / fraud selling resealed used / refurbished products

Mar 28, 2015

Crazydeals.aeBeware of crazydeals. Ae. They are selling re-sealing used / refurbished phones and selling as new. Check attached picture of blackberry phone box where the blackberry seal has been replaced by a crazydeals seal and then shrink wrapped on top of the crazydeals seal. You can see the...

[Resolved] / wow deals

Jun 10, 2014

This website promotes fake WOW deals.. Please don't waste your time in signing up for the fake deals.. When the time of the deal comes the site goes down and after 1 hr it will come up saying the item is sold out.. i dunno how it can become sold out if a person cannot... / this site is as close as a scam as you can get


This site is as close as a scam as you can get. You are required to pay for the product either via paypal or direct deposit. The product that I have ordered has not arrived and is well over two weeks since it's been ordered. There is no customer service to contact or respond to your...