Cox Communicationstransfer of service

C Aug 14, 2018

This is ridiculous everytime you call nothing is resolved. Called to schedule a transfer of service because I was moving. They scheduled the wrong day, I call back to correct it. The customer service rep never puts it into the system. Call a 3rd time to resolve issue and they schedule for following day. Installers arrive and cox never created the correct work order, so I call again. Assume everything is resolved, nope cox hasn't put through the work order. Staring at an device needs to be activated screen for 45 minutes, so call again. They have no idea how long to resolve the issue to send a digital signal to allows internet and television. Such a monopoly over southern San Diego they dont care about customers time. Were stuck at their mercy of when they feel like doing there damn job correctly. Installers are great, corporate Cox cant do what's required!

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