Cox Communicationsstaff members horrible service!


Today is 10/23/2017, this morning when staff members of your company came on to the property 2140 Vegas Dr, 89106 at about 10am, I (the manager of the property) happened to be in the restroom at the time that they arrived to my office door. I then heard loud banging from the inside of my office and as I came out of the restroom, there was a short Hispanic man and a very tall black man yanking on my office doors. (They were obviously locked since I was in the restroom and am the only person on sight) They were both rude, but the Hispanic man was extremely rude! I told them that the doors were locked since I was away from my desk, and they didn't need to be yanking on my office doors like that. The Hispanic man then commented with a sarcastic tone "sorry, we didn't mean to hurt your precious ears".
As they continued to do whatever work they had came out here for, they were very loud and seemed to be playing around as if they were children. They appeared to be joking around more than doing their job and moving on. please do not send these two back to our property! They were rude and disruptive.

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