Cox Communicationsinternet service/bill

H Aug 10, 2018

I was caught up on my bill on 7/18 and then started having problemsbwith service last week. I Had no service in the bedrooms. My bill was $70 something and i tried to reboot and still could not restore services. I called back a few days later and the bill jumped to $198 something. At that time i was trying to fix my service and spoke to The first representative said i could be charged $10 a month for to have a techniician come out and then transferred to to someone else that said i could have a technician come out for $70 (flat rate). I then told them told it was okay, that i would figure it out and did. Today my service was turned off and the representative could nit explain how i was caught up on mt bill and then another bill was generated which was $70 something but my bill is now $198. He stated he will transfer to his manager and disconnected the call. I immediately called back and COX was closed

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