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C Mar 18, 2019

March 18, 2019
Christopher Tucker
4917 SE 52ND Street
Oklahoma City, Ok 73159
Account Number 001 6110 [protected]
Account Number 001 611 [protected]

I didn't open up this account at 4913 SE 52nd Street Oklahoma City this is my neighbor address and they opened this account without my authorization or my knowledge. Account Number 001 611 [protected]! This bill was transferred to my address by cox communication and placed and billed to my address at 4917 SE 52nd Street. I have called cox numerous of times and even went into a cox store complaining about this issue only to get passed off like a baton getting transferred from one department to another. I was waiting on the phone 2 and 3 hours waiting for some kind of resolution on this matter. The customer service representative's where rude and mean they even hung up on me while trying to get my issue resolved. This has also been placed on my credit report for $128.00 after this has been reported to cox communication and turned into the Oklahoma City Police as fraud. I just purchased this house at 4913 SE 52nd Street 2yrs ago. The owner before me allowed his friend the next door neighbor at 4913 SE 52nd Street had given him access code to the garage to go into to the house while he went out of town or on vacation! I was told by another neighbor that the owner of the house before me had given him the garage code to the neighbor to have access to house. After all this confusion started with cox cable. I have spent out money burning gas going to police station and filing complaints and running to the cox store trying to get this issue resolved without any resolution! This bill has been placed on my credit report when it shouldn't have due to reporting it to cox as fraud. I am happy about how this very important matter has been handled. The customer service representative where very rude and mean and unprofessional. I started this September 11, 2018 and i cancelled service on October 18, 2018 at 4913 SE 5nd Street and at one point they said I owed over $800.00 which didn't make any sense when I only had cable service since September 11, 2018 and cancelled on the 18th of October. Now their a final bill for $343.30 which I believe is not accurate. Please make the wrong right this has been very confusing and stressful for me due to the next door neighbor committing Identity theft against me and cox wanting to hold me accountable and penalize me for someone else's wrong doing.

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