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I was humiliated by those staff when I was requesting information on what is the procedure to disconnecting service with Cox, due to have a recent reallocation. I needed to cancel phone and internet service which is a very important service.

The staff is all the way one way talking with no concern of the understanding of the customer. And cut the message chat and confirmation with non-sense confirmation on write. Confirmation important on the date, and they do not stated out. Concern on previous staff complaint, they only only their own new case. Today after do more research on internet. I call for confirming the equipment drop of store's address and the disconnecting date of service. Again request a confirmation note or email regarding this request. I was rejected and the staff is trying to yell at me and say criminal words, and say something like you know it and better stop asking me to customer service you, and said something... I am 54 rather sophisticated lady working in a sales field for over 10 years with high heel shoes. I felt like forced to hit my head by this cox staff. They do not speak good standard of language, and do not like to solve problem/issue. A little thing to twist the head more then two time. They will act like you are them employer or something has to take responsible or something. I tried to stop this disgusting situation and ask him please transfer the call the the supervisor. And kept on try to brain wash me as like I knew him for life. This is not a good company for public. It is more like someone stole something and sell it in many pieces. They take all the flexible [from client] and give all the discomfort to people buy in whole thing. They are not trust able. But only for liar. If they would not stop there will be another crisis from people against Cox the company. But I do believed these week the cox staffs I spoke with is very low level staffs. This really piss me off. Scarifying.

Just not satisfy with their customer service and felt not happy. These service will upset me. As a nice adult over 50 years of age. I have been in USA for over 23 years, Comcast is okay, At&t is little below standard particular the employment of different culture in maintenance staff. Cox is not listening to proper channel, but forced people to do disable act to make them feel superior and authoritative? in Public? With USA citizens and USA legal permanent residents? Or you think in private? It make me feel like gangster dialogue after three minutes talk, when that guy is trying to hang up the phone, he kept on making it like I am her gangster pal. This is and that is ridicules. Insane.

Update by dabywong
Apr 07, 2022 2:44 pm

I mean how can Cox or Telecommunication company hired some body with no customer service skills to work. And the most funny is why they kept hired people who do not speak proper English? This is torturing the public.

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