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I ordered a cox bundle in july 2011 because my year was up and it was time to renew.In september my landlord informed me that beginning december 1 my rent would be increasing by $75 bucks which is something I could not afford nor did I want to as I was already overpaying. I gave my landlord notice that I would be leaving november 30th. I found a place that unfortuantely fell through at the very last second. Called cox and all my other utilities to inform them that instead of transferring I would be cancelling as I was now homeless but as soon as I found a place I would call for services. Cox actually charged me $80 for an early termination. I have been with them since they arrived in newport rhode island and had I had a home I would have them now. They did offer to let me pay for services that I did not have so I wouldn't lose my account and get this charge (Seriously pay for something you don't have?) anyway, found a house dec 3rd and verizon just completed everything. I will never go back to cox under any circumstances. My situation worked out as I knew it would but what about people who are losing their jobs and homes, this is cox's way of treating customers? I'm all for paying what I owe but since that bill is in advance they would've had owed me money without that fee. (Guess I just answered my own question). Shady and corporate greed at it's finest. Bring on some cable, medical insurance, electric and gas competitions to knock cox blue cross and national grid down a peg!!!


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      Oct 25, 2008

    Cox Communications Billing Dept does not know what they doing. Do not send them a check by mail someone there sole one of my checks and washed it and re wote it. Pay through your bank not through them. Don't give them access to your bank account. I am having so much trouble getting a correct bill from them. I do not know where there getting there figures from. Then when I do get a bill it is for 2 months instead of one month. WHAT ARE THEY DOING? Someone of authority needs to check these people out. I have just about had it with them.

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  • Z
      Apr 08, 2009

    It's funny that "someone" stole your check when all payments go to a processing center and never are handled by a live human. Maybe someone stole your mail...That is a very common crime now and days. There is no one to blame here not even COX. Blame the criminals that are roaming neighborhoods.

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  • K
      Oct 05, 2010

    So I call Cox Communications this evening to tell them that I got a notice my bill is due and I would like to pay it on the 15th. The CSR tells me that I have to look at your account and see if that is possible, so I said okay. She then tells me that due to my being delinquent they can not help me out. I was quite stunned since one my account is not delinquent, two I never had an issue like that before and they have never had a problem helping me out before when I needed a couple of extra days to pay them and lastly she told me that under since I will not pay the amount due that they are going to have to charge me some ridiculous re-activation fee. I was just completely blown away when I was told this, I mean I have been a pretty loyal customer since moving back to AZ almost four years ago and this is how they reward customer loyalty. The best part about the conversation I had with their CSR is when I asked her how long do I have until my services will be shut off? She tells me the 13th, seriously you couldn't give me two days to pay you the amount that I owe you. What a joke Cox Communications is. All I have to say is that these guys are ###. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has encountered problems like this. I can only hope that someone who has the power to make a decision at Cox pays attention to these complaints and will actually do the right thing. However, I just don't see that happening. So here is the big "FU Cox, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure people are aware of your poor business choices. I HATE YOU COX COMMUNICATIONS!

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      Oct 07, 2010

    I have been with Cox for about 3 months now. I recently received a bill with a $50 return check fee and a $25 fee. I had paid my bill on time through my bank and so I knew this could not be right.

    I called billing and was asking why I had to return fees when I did not pay a second time and I had already paid my bill. They said I had signed up for easy pay and that it came out automatically.

    First of all, I did not sign up for easy pay on purpose (the button is beside pay now). Secondly, why would they authorize ANOTHER payment if I did not have a balance on my account?

    I asked to have these charges removed because I did not want bill pay and I already paid my bill and had a 0 balance. They told me that they would have to submit a refund request and that I MIGHT be refunded!

    I think I should have been refunded right away since it is their fault for billing me for a 0 balance and then charging me a fee.

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  • A
      Jul 07, 2012

    You mentioned medical insurance, gas, and electric. So how is this Cox's fault?

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