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I got a new home theater system, first checked out what my cable company, Cox, would support in terms of HD connections, since I wanted HDMI.

Customer service said that HDMI connection is no problem. Spent a couple of hundred on HDMI cables, picked up the new box with HDMI connectivity in person (4240 HDC), and in confirming the box I wanted stressed that it is the HDMI connectivity I was going for, got it home, set it up, and ... no signal between box and TV. Cable connection worked fine, HDMI did not work at all. Went through the manual and checked everything twice. Nothing.

Called customer service. I was first told that some boxes have a problem with this connection. I said "okay, what do I have to get to resolve the problem?" The customer service rep excused himself for a couple of minutes, got back on and said "Scientific Atlanta (not Cox, oh, no!) does not support HDMI connectivity." Since Scientific Atlanta is the only distributor for their cable boxes, and there are no alternatives, this is a ridiculous statement.

My complaint is that this is ridiculous misrepresentation of functionality by Cox and by their customer support staff, no matter where they get their crummy equipment from.

1) The manual has no disclaimers, when it should, instead waxes rhapsodic about the boxes HDMI functionality.
2) Two customer service representatives, in answering my questions, either stated or implied that I would do fine with my HDMI connection and the new box. This was not true, so they were either lying or that badly informed. The third was not forthcoming about the problem.
3) The box has a connection outlet for HDMI that does not work, so it is basically a faucet with no water pipes behind it. Selling the box as though the outlet works, with no caveats, is lying with hardware.

Would love to hear something snarky and defensive from a Cox representative in response to this complaint - after the money wasted on this, that would be all it would take for me to call the AG's office in Richmond, and start writing my representatives at the state legislature and Congress.


  • Jo
    John300 Jul 09, 2009

    I am having issues with COX and HDMI as well. I live in California and have had them come out to the house several times now because of audio loss and picture freezing. Two of my neighbors have the same issues. They keep telling me that they cannot guarantee HDMI connections to the TV and that only Component is support officially. They have replaced my DVR box three times now and have used several excuses from "found a loose cable" to that it's the cable box software.

    I'm now looking at switching to AT&T or one of the satelitie providers as I'm done with Cox.

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  • Ca
    CableLabs Mar 07, 2010

    I would have to disagree. I'm not a Cox Represenative, nor do I work for Cox...sorry to burst your bubble. I have used Cox services in VA for 7 years now and have had an HDMI Scientific Atlanta Box for five of them. I think you just had some misinformation. If there is an issue or a problem you get a full refund. You can cancel anytime unlike satellite or any other competition. Anyone who spends more than 25 dollars on an HDMI cable needs to rethink their whole agenda anyway. I'm an electrical engineer and have been designing media cables in Alexandria for close to 12 years and know that you will be able to find a great cable for 20 and under and to have service that you can cancel anytime without a contract or get a full refund if unsatisfied is unheard of in this age. Go to the competition...and pay for it.

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  • Ya
    yakabud Mar 21, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. Is your cable box a Motorola? Motorola has a problem with 'handshake' on HDMI connection. I called cox and they said they only have Motorola cable boxes which is sucks.
    They charge me with the service call, but they issued me a refund after telling them that the tech didn't fixed a thing.
    I hope they provide different cable boxes.

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  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 May 11, 2010

    CableLabs, I have DirecTV and I will gladly sign a 2 year contract and pay higher fees to guarantee that when I'm sold a cable box with HDMI, that it actually works. That is completely ridiculous to deliver a cable box with HDMI that does not work.

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  • Co
    coxhater Feb 21, 2011

    Cox sucks. I have a new TV which works with my playstaion HDMI and my Bose HDMI but does not work with my Cox cable box. Tech support tells me that it is my HDMI cable and I have tried 5 differnt cables and it still does not work. They say the picture quality will not be any different with however I connect it but they are full of it, otherwise there would be no reason to invent the HDMI connection. If you can get Direct TV where you live you should get it. The differnce in picture is HUGE

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