County ImportsUnethical Uncouth Bait n' Switch "Salesman" Wayne McWilliam

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I was a potential customer, working with Wayne McWilliam for over a month now regarding the purchase of a 2016 Heritage 150 Scooter. As discussed with Wayne AND as what is advertised on your website, the price of this scooter is $1499, which includes the shipping cost, $79 for the tune up (an honored price by Wayne) and $25 for the shipping insurance option. The total cost of the scooter was $1614 to be paid upon the completion of the color swap and pictures provided to me.

I spoke with Travis today, to follow up on the waiting parts and found that they have arrived. He recommended I get back with Wayne to go ahead and start the purchase process, which I did. I called Wayne and suddenly the price is no longer what is on your website and what we discussed. He told me he would have to speak with Travis regarding an extra charge to switch out the color plates AND he was charging me for shipping. I spoke with Travis myself, and he said there would be no charge for the swap of the color plates and as far as the shipping it states what it states on your website which is FREE.

I expressed my dismay to Wayne regarding his lack of ethics and relayed all the previous discussions we've had over the past month and how I have now been waiting all this time for this process to conclude and he decides to pull the old bait and switch on me. Needless to say, I won't be doing business with him. As all the other scooter businesses that work with BMS are willing to offer that price with the shipping being FREE.

His greed got in the way of him making a profit and as a result, he won't make one at all from me. That's what happens to people who get greedy and attempt to take advantage of others.

I hope you realize the uncouth salesman you have representing your business. It should be a great concern to you. I will be writing a personal review about Wayne McWilliam online so that others can be aware of his shady, unethical methods.


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      Apr 29, 2018

    The reason that we do not charge for shipping is because the shipping is included in the cost of every vehicle unless you live on an island such as the Behamas, Florida keys, Hawaii, Stalen Island, or you live in a rural part of your state where our shippers do not go.

    In either of these cases our shipping companies will contact a local freight company in the region where the customer resides to arrange a delivery to the local terminal. When this happens the local freight company will bill our freight company which in turn must pass the cost on to us, but before any billing is done we inform our customer of those additional charges giving them the option to cancel the order, or pick it up at our shippers terminal. BMS is not the owner of our company and cannot dictate any prices to our customers so we can only surmise that there is some confusion as to who is responsible for pricing and company policy set by

    Our sales representatives will attempt to represent our customers and the countyimports interest within the guidelines set forward in our purchasers agreement, therefore salesman represented countyimports and without deception informed this customer about the circumstances concerning his interest in purchasing a vehicle from our company.

    Countyimports has been in business for nearly 12 years and have sold thousands of vehicles to satisfied customers from all walks of life and many are retrun customers, but there are some situations that we unfortunately cannot resolve, this is such a case. We never sold to this individual or billed him for anything to do a bait and switch! We only informed him of what his cost would be if he chose to go forward with his order.

    Having responded to this complaint we apoligize to this customer for any mis-understandings and would like to hear from him if he needs to further elaborate about his compalaint.

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      Dec 19, 2019

    @countyimports I am from.Romania. I order a bike in 2018 november, make payment throught bank in a cont that Mr. WAYNE confirm transaction, status of my order being complet Today is make 1 year than I wait my bike. Mr Wayne in all this 12 month not replay more than 2 time of all my 45 email and 5 time answer on call phones to say that deliver bike next month. In the rest they not hang up there phones, let a robot and not call back. If anyone from here read this, I will be glad to give me an advice.

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      Sep 05, 2018

    Your company mislead customer, deceive them with your product. I ordered a Heritage 2018 and received a different one, that was in warehouse since 2016 and sent to me in Fl, and the seller try convince that it was the scooter I ordered, besides that i had lot trouble to follow up with all those missing parts to assemble it. After all that, the paper was not filled out to registration. I just could not stand, put it for sale. Now i got to know that the alarm not working anymore, also the remote control. I wonder how your guys keep customer, with such awful service? You should close the door if not able to provide a reasonable service. Dont advice anyone buy from this company, I trusted when i read bad review what happen was pure headache. Customers never lie.

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      Sep 05, 2018

    I ordered a scooter heritage 2018, and received 2016 that was left over in the warehouse, it was delivered to Fl, there was missing parts not replaced. I never buy even a wheel from this company, they mislead customer, deceive them. I should have take consideration of all customer's bad reviews, as consumers they never lie. i should have returned it and get my money back but i chose to sell it, thought was easy way. Now have knowledge that the alarm doesnt work also the remote control. The buyer has to buy new wheel and some other parts need replaced. Great job, deceiving customers.

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