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Country Club Vacationscountry club riyadh... big cheaters... careful

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One month back, while returning from a shopping mall with my family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I was approached by a person who claims to work for some tourist club and asked me to fill my details in a form. I filled the form and returned to the person. After that I started receiving calls almost everyday from M/s Country Club, Akaria office, Riyadh saying that I have won a free vacation trip to any tourist attractions in India or to Sri Lanka, UAE, or Malaysia. They also informed that I have won a free gift and invited me & my family to attend a “presentation” about their company. We decided not to go for this first and they also stopped calling us. As I understand, after they have taken a new office in Olaya Road, near to M/s Mubarak Hospital, I have been called many times to attend their presentation and collect my free gift and free tour package.
Though reluctant, I and my family decided to go to their office and see what they have to offer. What we saw there was a very nice office and very well dressed executives. We saw also few families like us who have been called. We were taken to a hall and were made to sit for a presentation. It was a one-to –one meeting/presentation by one of the salesman named Mr. Zenith Mob: + [protected] (same scenario for all other families) and Mr. Aneesh Kumar, Line Manager Mob:+[protected].
These salesmen started talking about M/s Country Club, its offices, resorts, etc.. and they showed lots of pictures, some reference letters etc.. We were made to sit for two and half hours and mind washed to accept the offer. Their offer is something like this,

1. Free accommodation (only) for 4 days for family in any of their hotels/ resorts across all over India, for five years
2. A 1500sq ft plot in somewhere in Kerala, will be registered in my name.
3. Free Insurance coverage for myself & family
4. Free membership for lifetime for me.

After a marathon presentation of two and half hours, I decided (sort of forced) to take the membership and pay the money. Now third person Mr. Anup from customer care dept came with a contract and asked me to sign it. Before I sign, they asked my credit card I gave the card and they took 9, 186.00 SAR, though I agreed to pay only SAR9, 000.00 as first payment. They gave me the receipt and contract to me and we came back to our home after few minutes.
I have signed the contract with M/s Country vacations International Limited, Dubai and supposed to pay SAR 9, 000.00 as the first installment, whereas they have taken my money in UAE Dirhams and given a receipt in SAUDI RIYALS.
They asked me to pay SAR 5, 000 as the next installment and after that asked me pay the balance in Indian currency in the form of Cheque/CASH and offered very good conversion rate for the SAR. (The person offered me, for 1SAR, I have to pay only INR 16.20. He also told me this is a very special rate giving to me b’cos that time the rate is 16.85INR for 1SAR)
After we came back to our home and after analyzing all these things, I have decided to cancel my membership and took my money back. So I went back to their office and informed them about my intention. They behaved in rude manner and told me they can never refund the money.

So I am planning to take legal actions against these fraudsters. Whoever reads this please be careful about these cheaters.

So to all my brothers out there...


I can be contacted at +[protected]. my email id : [protected]


Country Club returned the money after approaching Indian Embassy Riyadh and with the help of few friends. ***********************************************************************************

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Jan 25, 2015

    RESOLVED @ Country Club Riyadh...Big Cheaters...CAREFUL
    Country club is happy to inform that the issues with Mr SHABEER PUTHIYANOI KANOATHIL have been resolved amicably and Mr SHABEER PUTHIYANOI KANOATHIL has no more issues with Country Club. We thank him for his co-operation and will be happy welcome him back to the Country Club anytime in the Future.

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Feb 08, 2015

    Dear Mr. Anand Vijay,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Country Club, We were more than happy to serve you and your family at our Dubai and Goa Country Club hotels, We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words.We are looking forward to serve you in the future.
    Thanks and Regards
    CCD Team

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Feb 09, 2015

    Dear Mr Yoonus,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Country Club, The management at Country club appreciates your gesture of kind words. We are looking forward to serve you and your family at our various other locations.
    Thanks and Regards
    CCD Team

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Jul 24, 2015

    Dear Sir,
    We have just viewed your complaint online, we have intimated the concern branch to get back to you at the earliest and sort out your grievances at the earliest.
    Thanks and Regards
    Team CDD

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Jul 31, 2015

    "Resolved" @ Aziz Sohail
    Dear All,
    Country Club has delivered as promised, as we take deep pride in our customer satisfaction; the issues with Mr. Aziz Sohail have been resolved amicably. Mr. Sohail has no more issues with Country Club. We wish Mr. Sohail all the very best and welcome him back to our Country Club family anytime in the future. Please find the NOC attached below.

    Thanks and Regards
    Team CCD


  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Aug 11, 2015

    Dear Mr. Shaikh Farooq,
    We have just viewed your complaint online and our feedback and complaints officer has been notified at our Saudi branch. The officers will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. Kindly contact the Customer care Department at [protected] or send us a mail at [email protected]

    Thanks and Regards
    Team CCD

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Aug 25, 2015

    Dear Mr. Dev,
    Country Club has been in the business of Clubbing and Holidaying for the past 25years with Branches all over the world spreading Joy and Happiness along the way. We take pride in Understanding our members and will be happy to assist you in any grievances caused to you. Kindly contact the Customer care Department at [protected] or send us a mail at [email protected]

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Sep 09, 2015

    Country Club believes in customer satisfaction, we contacted Mr. Yuvraj Singh and understood the nature of his problem. We are happy to inform that we have resolved the issues with Mr.Yuvraj Singh amicably and he has no further issues with Country Club.

    Thanks CCD Team


  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Sep 12, 2015

    Dear Member,

    We have just viewed your complaint online and our feedback and complaints officers will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. Kindly contact the Customer Care Department at +[protected] or send us an email at [email protected]

    Thanks CCD Team

  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Jan 28, 2016

    @ShahnawazA "Resolved"
    Country club is happy to inform that the issues with Mr. Shanawaz Alam have been resolved amicably and Mr. Alam has no more issues with Country Club. We thank Mr. Alam for his co-operation and will be happy welcome him back to the Country Club anytime in the Future. Kindly find the NOC below .
    Thanks and Regards
    Team CCD


  • Country Club Hospitality & Holidays's response · Feb 04, 2016

    Dear Mr.Khan
    Country Club is celebrating 25 glorious years of finest clubbing, holiday, fitness and entertainment services in India and beyond – the first and the only hospitality group to achieve this feat in India. In the last 25 years, we have evolved from a single social clubbing entity in Hyderabad into largest chain of wholesome hospitality hubs in India and beyond. Today, our massive network includes over 55 ownership properties, 25 member exclusive fitness centers and over 4000 worldwide hospitality associates.
    Keeping this in mind had you given us an opportunity to serve you, You would have experienced the Country Club warmth in way like never before, kindly click on the below link to see all our satisfied customer
    Thanks and Regards
    CCD Team


  • Vi
    Vipindas Jan 10, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why cant we move legally here against country club ?I lost 26000 SAR & no response from country club yet .Kindly come up & we will move together legally against this fraud company

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  • Mf
    M.Farook Jan 12, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Vipindas Biggest Frauds!!!

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  • Ah
    Ahmedsiddiqui Dec 05, 2019

    Dear all,
    I am newly customer of country culb and they also made me fool and took 10000 SAR. After visit home we also though take back the money then we visit again to country culb branch sharfia and met mr.farouq Shaikh and explain our issue and after conversations he promise to transfer membership to other client and get back money after 3 month. After that we was visit again and ask our money back but they clearly said it is not possible to get back money for you. Dear viewers please advise how to get back money from them. Jazakhallah khair.

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  • Mo
    Mohammed A. Shareef Apr 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All,
    I am writing again with Deep grief and concern, as the country club / country vacation has put me in this condition with no choice but to write my pain again and pumped me to escalate this matter further, as i have been threatened again (i.e. They Uttered these words "Money is with us and we will not refund even if i call all Indians or Saudis for help") again by country club/country vacation through the interpretation of one Respectful Saudi Citizen (claims to be employed by Country club Saudi Arabia) .
    With due respect i am doing my best to help country club / country vacation to resolve my query without any conflict (as everybody can see how much patience i would have showing towards them since 2015...just because i respect my fellow citizens and unfortunately i have been victimized by our fellow citizen only).

    Let me explain categorically in detail that what actually happened in the due course of 46 days with me (after posting my first complain):

    1. Before posting my complain over here, i have been a victim of their dishonesty and falsification.
    After posting the complaint i have been called by Country Club / Country vacation to discuss regarding to the approval of my refund from Dubai office (they claims that the Country Club / Country Vacationn Saudi Arabia under Dubai office).

    2. Then i immediately approach them again to get updates. Unfortunately i have been made to return without any news and i have been told that they are gong to email me their commitment /promise / approval officially through email.

    3. Next day an Email of approval and commitment from country Club / Country Vacation Reaches my inbox and i was little relaxed ( i am copying as received email below):

    CCD Riyadh wrote:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings From Country Club !!!
    First of all we apologizes for inconvenience caused by us .
    As i discussed with you yesterday in office regarding your refund Emi dates here dates are given below as per current situation in market and As per your request for refund, This has been approved in a special case from management and agreed to refund your amount 22, 000 SAR.
    Here am sending you refund emis dates as per schedule will hand over the amount through cash Kindly request you to accept our EMI request and cooperate with us .

    1st EMIs on 25th April 2018
    2nd EMI's on 24th may 2018
    3rd EMI's on 23rd June 2018.
    4th EMI's on 22nd July 2018.
    As this dates was give by management according present market conditions and financial conditions .
    Apart from that company will provide you with our Complimentary services like life time Club Membership and 5 years Complimentary Vacations 3 nights and 4 days as compensate .
    Required your anticipating and understanding.

    Thanks And Regards
    If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Building Ajja,
    Near Mubarak Hospital,
    Murabba-King Faisal Street,
    Riyadh KSA.

    4. I was waiting for 25th of April 2018 to get my hard earned money back and in the due time i have received several calls from the new and old customers of country club / country vacation who ever saw my comments over this platform.

    5. As country Club has already given me the commitment / promise and my intention is not at all to hurt or disturb anyone's business and upon request from the country club / country vacation, i used to give positive responses to all customers whoever called for clarification. Country club / country vacation was also happy and praise me for my extended help.( i have and can share their customer's details who called me, But i strictly believe that it is not ethical to mention or disclose anyone's personnel details. therefore, if the same people are reading my concern again then they will known me for sure)

    6. I do extend help country club/country vacation by giving positive responses till 25-04-2018 and at last once i call them on 25th April 2018, their response was totally different and said that responsible person is not available please come on 26-04-2018.

    7. Ohh My God! Literally i was shocked to see that their way of behaving was totally changed (as if, i am due for them and they are the victim) and introduce me to one respectful Saudi Citizen. I said that, as per their official commitment (above email), i am here to take my money and go. But they forced me to sit in front of that respectful man (to whom i really value and have full respect as a citizen of Saudi Arabia).

    8. He again started the same stories and at the end he ask me "why you have wrote on complaint board, because of that country club / country vacation is loosing business and so many people are now asking for refunds" i said listen sir, they are the one who escalate and pushed me (said me to do whatever i can), if the country club /country vacation is loosing business and suffering then why cant they solve my matter at once? please counter them instead of me, as i have already suffered a lot. Then i have been told that, "Money is with us and we will not refund even if i call all Indians or Saudis for help"

    9. I will do best in my capacity to knock the door of justice both in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia an in India to get my hardly earned money back.
    Indeed i have full confidence in judiciary system of both the countries (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India) to get justice from such corrupted activities.

    What ever i have written over here are the genuine facts and ground reality. Bearing in mind that i am an ordinary Indian Citizen and struggling to earn bread to support my family and provide better education to my children and to make them Good Citizen of our great Nation i.e. INDIA).

    Hence i would humbly request the Government bodies and NGOs from both the countries to come forward and help not only me but to many of such victims of their corruption activities.

    Frankly speaking, i have nothing to do with the business of Country club/country vacation. But just to take my money back and wish them all the best.

    Note: At last, I should mention that, after exposing them over here. i may be man-handled or may get threatening calls or may be tortured (both mentally and physically) or may be abused (to me or may be to my family/kids) or they may try to derail or disturb me at my Job (professionalism) etc or may be frame me under false charges.

    I can be reached both via mobile or email. 00966 [protected], Email: [email protected]

    I would pray Almighty God for the Peace and tranquility for all and hope for the best...

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  • Pr
    PRO Salman Apr 26, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Alsalam Ealaykum Brothers and sisters,

    In the beginnings, I am blessed to live in such country that leads by Quran and Suna. Additionally, a country that fight corruption in various ways.

    As Public Relations Officer, I have not met with Mr. Shareef untill [protected]. It’s pleasure to discuss the misunderstanding with himself personally in order to assist him. Mr. Shareef has the right to express his feeling towards Country club; however he wishes to express. Mr. Shareef has been a loyal and great member, and will fight to not lose this kinds of costumers. In his message, he explained everything wrongly and he does not aware of how big is “Humiliation” and “Threatened” exactly means in this country and not only Saudi, but Worldwide. He mentioned things that are fake and never happened. Also, he did not mention that he has never used our services that we provide! In this case, if you do not use our services; how you have the dare to evaluate our company. For instance, and kindly Do Not think that I am on Country club side, because I am working with them. We are humans and can understand what is right and what’s not. Allow me to ask you this question and think about it as Mr. Shareef situation. If you have a dream car that you always wanted to drive and have, but you did not get the chance yet. The question is Do you have the right to evaluate the car? In my opinion, of course, no. Yes, you will have background and knowledge about the car that you might like, but other people do not like. “Do not judge the book by its cover”
    Honestly, as an employee I always wanted this Company to grow and be one of the biggest by not avoiding the customer’s problems and always be there to deliver satisfactions to people in exchange is appreciation to our services.

    truly, I do not want MR. Shareef to leave unsatisfied. As he said that you did not drink even a cup of water. I did offer him more than cup of water and gave him, but he did not want to accepted it. I will be contacting him personally and do my best to not lose him.
    For customers who has never seen me in person and want to talk. Please, do not hesitate to email me, call me and make an appointment to settle down and discuss.

    Office: [protected]
    Dial: 7777
    Email: [email protected]

    Your brother,

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  • Mo
    Mohammed A. Shareef Mar 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After they received my hard earned money. They never ever called me even at a single time. I am the one who always visiting them, keep calling them. This can be proved by their call logs (call records). They claimed to keep me updated with the sms and emails after receiving my money. Again, i would urge them to show me a single sms before December 2017 which they claimed for.
    Their are bunch of fraudulent and cheating and playing with the emotions and dreams of the common man and snatching their hard earned money in a professional way.
    Their is no benefits i.e. even a single Paisa and their is no ROI on the amount which they have looted from me. Even i ever drink a glass of water from Country Vacation / Country Club.
    If i could have invested that amount somewhere, i could have at least some ROI. But here with Country vacation/country club in-spite of benefits i have lost so many things i.e. health, finance, emotions etc..

    I would request the people in this blog ( those who are victims) to contact me and share their experience to seek legal consultation and drag them down to the court through criminal prosecution. I a am ready even to spent money to teach them lesson with the true intention to save the dignity, money, time and efforts of my other fellow citizens from their fraudulent / cheating.

    I can be contacted both via my mobile Number i.e. 00966 [protected] and Email ID: [email protected]

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  • Mo
    Mohammed A. Shareef Mar 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All,
    I am also a victim of Country Vacation / Country Club and have been cheated on the same / similar way as stated above by Brother Shabeer and others.

    I did my best to settled down everything in a peaceful way without any dispute. But yesterday i have been threatened by the country vacation/Country Club and humiliated.
    I can say that they are the organized looter and a gang of most dishonest people who have wrapped the cloths of professionalism and playing people with their emotions by giving false promises ( what i can say is that they are showing paradise on palm). I am following them since 4 Years continuously to with the intention to get everything settled (My hard earned money which i have paid i.e. 26, 000 SAR) .But now i want country club to indemnify all my losses / damages of 4 years (emotional losses, economical and financial losses, health losses etc) apart from my original amount and i am in consultation with the Lawyers and will do whatever in my capacity without any time limit.

    Below is my Last email to country Club dated on 21-03-2018:

    Dear Sirs,

    As per your commitment, i have again came to your office and you had promised me to arrange meeting with your Dubai Team. Unfortunately no one was their and i simply return back with empty handed as usual.

    Sorry to say that, the tiny amount and the EMI which you have talked yesterday is not at all acceptable to me by any way. As you people have threatened me to do whatever i want and asked me to approach legally and humiliated me in your office.
    With due respect, i will do my level best to indemnify all my original amount i.e. 26000 SAR along with the losses and damages of 4 years through the criminal prosecution / legal way and i have full confidence in Jurisdiction that i will get justice for sure. I will spare no time and put all my efforts to ensure my rights and no matter how long it it going to take

    Sir, Country Vacation / Country Club is witness of my patience as i have been cornered and ignored every time whenever i try to approach with the intention to settle my dues in a peaceful atmosphere without any dispute. But yesterday Country Vacation / Country Club has ever initiate any step to solve my issue instead ruin my humility and shown their true face. It is Crystal clear from the actions and behavior of Country Vacation / Country Club.

    As you said that your team from Dubai is going to be in your office today again after 11:30am, kindly let me know an hour before, so as i can leave from my office and join this meeting to get clarification and have a last chance before any dispute.

    My contact details are [protected] Email ID [email protected]
    Wishing for the best and peace for all...

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