Cosmoprofwarm and gentle perms for tinted hair

C Oct 30, 2019

There are (3) different types of warm and gentle perms!!! (Normal)( grey and resistant hair) and (tinted formula for color treat or bleached hair). Cosmo prof DOES NOT carry the tinted formula warm and gentle perm!!! Why? I have tried repeatedly to get Cosmo prof to get these and the manager says they are discontinued and she can't even order them from her store????? Someone needs to fix this and get these perms in tinted formula in the store please!!! I have used all these warm and gentle perms for over 40 years. I have to go to Sallys or salon centric for the tinted formula perms. I get all my products from Cosmo prof BUT I am thinking maybe I need to go to salon centric for everything???? Please fix this.

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