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I went into Cosmoprof store #09508 on 05/13/17 at 02:48 pm to return items • #719495 Cuc Artisan •#379040 It's a 10 Mir •#379085 Plu It's a 10 •#712137 Ken Demi Crem
with Elliott whom was at the register at the time along with a tall Caucasian lady sitting to the left side of him. I had receipt of purchase with me for said return but Elliot questioned if I bought the products at Cosmoprof stating that I could've purchased the items cheaper at different discount store (Ross) and tried to return the products at Cosmoprof for more money. I felt degraded and embarrassed to say the least but he went on to say how one bottle was scratched so he was questioning if he should return my products again accusing me of purchasing the products at another store chain at a cheaper price and bringing them to Cosmoprof for return of more money. He asked if they had been opened or used, I said no the products have not been opened or tampered with you are more than welcome to check the products yourself. He opens and checks. They are fine as I said they were. He then questions where I purchased the products and I responded that I do not remember which store I purchased the products from because I travel to different cities on California but that it should be listed on the receipt also mentioning that it might be montclair or longbeach being unsure. I stopped at this particular store to return products because it was close to golds gym in Santa Ana where I had just left and had enough time to do so. At this point I felt like a criminal. I was explaining myself and my daily life even though I had my receipt of purchase because this young man thought I was trying to commit a crime. I was frustrated at the end and told him that I purchased the products at Cosmoprof and that I have my receipt so he should not have a problem with my return. I then go on to say that I am a Dj in Los Angeles and a business owner and that I don't have time to return to the same store...just pretty much going in circles with Elliot while feeling degraded to the lowest possible person imaginable. Please keep in mind that it is the day before Mother's Day and I have my daughter and foster son with me. I personally think that Elliot should lose his job for a huge lack of customer service and maturity. I do not know what kind of life Elliot has lived but where I come from we do not accuse paying professionals/loyal customers of committing crimes as he did to me. I was degraded to the lowest of the low. My day was ruined and to be honest I cried the whole way home. Was it because I am Hispanic? Is he being racist or stereotyping me because of crime rates of different nationalities?
I would like an explanation as to why I was treated this way. I am submitting a copy of my original receipt for evidence of purchase. I would love it if you could search the time of my original purchase at Cosmoprof store #09312 on 05/03/17 at 3:10 pm and play the surveillance video of my purchase of the items I was returning with Elliot so he can understand that he treated an innocent loyal Cosmoprof customer, beauty professional, mother and hard worker like a criminal. He should be fired. I will let everyone I know know about this experience at this particular location. I will be waiting for my apology from Elliot and I hope he is disciplined well.
Stephanie Nieves [protected]

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