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I have a brother in a correctional facility. I had set up an account with Correctional Billing Services so my brother could call me. At the time I could only afford $20.00. The Lady said that if I was to add more money to my account later that the minium payment would need to be $50.00. I called to add $50.00 to my account and now I'm in the negative with them and it cost additional $6.95 to process the payment. If you make a payment for $20.00 only, how do you go over? They block your phone after money is spent, once again, how do you go over? If you already have an account, why do you need to keep paying a processing fee? Why are we paying the outrageous prices for inmates to call when our tax dollars are already paying for them to be there?


  • Al
    Alice Grimaldi Sep 25, 2008

    just the people trying to get rich at other`s expence WHAT A SHAME. is it time for them to leave or what?

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  • Mr
    mrs marshall Nov 10, 2008

    I totally agree with you. My issuse is a little different i'm just concerned with the amout of dropped calls i've been having and I feel like if i accepted a call I should be able to talk my whole time alotted unless we have some unforseen circumstances. Which I then understand that I shouldnt recieve a credit.The second issue was that if you have an acct with them from your local phone provider. Once you go over your 90 day period and the credit limit is reached you have to wait for the 90 day period to be done even if you do make a payment on your local phone account because it wont reach correctional billings account until 2-3 months down the line. And by this time they want more money from you to setup a prepaid account.

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  • Un
    unknown Nov 14, 2008

    To whom it may concern.
    I worked for CBS, that is till they shut down the Canada office. {they say they were losing money in Canada}. We started with them six years ago as their Main office. We had the training to resolve problems such as blocked line problems and had the best understanding how the system worked. That is, as much as they let us know. The rules changed somtimes weekly as to what we could do. It was very difficult keeping up with changes as they had us jumping thru hoops, constantly. Now that they fired us, maybe some of us will speak out. They turned it all over to Antiqua, who tries hard but they do not have the yrs. of training, as well they seem to have a language barrier. Now they have an office in TX & they know nothing. We constantly had to fix thier mistakes. They are appr 4 months old. After them comes Mexico! CBS insisted they wanted good customer service, then they turned the whole cust service over to 2/3 untrained people.
    The poor Lawyers & bail bonds co, who's business depends on their accts being handled properly, no training for that dept. when we left.
    I offer my personal appologies to all those customer who have had the nightmare of dealing with this co. I, and many others took the problems seriously, and tried to get things corrected thru our supervisors. Their hands were tied most of the time also.
    In closing, I just want to say, good luck & good bye to all my customers who I went the extra mile for. My heart acked for all the families of the inmates & yes some of us did care.

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  • Gr
    Grapener Mar 25, 2009

    I think the amount of money required to stay in touch with family and loved ones is completely outrageous! I agree that it makes no sense to have to pay a processing fee every time you put a "minimum of 50.oo".
    Not only did that bring your total to about 60.oo but you only get maybe 8-10 calls...maybe.
    It aggravates me that the calls are 15 minutes long and each call takes up about 8 dollars. I have received bills from CBS saying i owe them money. well i don't understand how that works when i already gave them the fifty and processing fee. how did i go over????????????????????????????????????????

    i think CBS is a wicked scam.

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  • Si
    sickened May 02, 2009

    I also have had the same issue with being on a pre paid account and for some odd reason was in the negitive ? How does that happen ? Customer service is TERRIBLE and what ever you do, dont ever over pay and expect a refund because they will find every excuse in the book to not re pay you. They are trying to get rich off others mis fortunes. Sad

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  • De
    demetria bell Jul 21, 2009

    You know it's sad how they treat our loved one's in jail like they nobody already. Im not speaking for ALL the people in jail cuz there are some that really deserve to be there; but there are also those who just simply have been human and made a mistake ya know...
    It's not easy keeping your head up when you got so much nagativity around you!!! The hardest thing for most of inmates is being away from there loved one's. With these outragouse phone charges and trying to take care them in there isn't's like picking up a car note are something ya kno...Who ever said justice was fair? Me personally I think they get pleasure out of makeing other's miserable, and as for infinity it's just another greedy human being trying to get reach off our weakness's...and that's the one's we love cuz they know our love for our people go make us spend dat money even though we dread it!!!DAT AIN"T RIGHT!!!

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Nippa Jan 16, 2010

    I agree with these comments and this is outrageous, now what are we going to do about it. There has to be something that some one can do to make a difference. Paying for phone calls is one thing but these fees are price gouging. Bad things happen to good people and all inmates are not horrible people. Inmates families should not have to suffer with these charges, they are suffering enough. What a scam!


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  • Fr
    Frustated CBS Rep. Jan 19, 2010

    I know how do all of you feel but all of the rep. Who are working with me, we explaind to the manager of the company, all the customer needs but you know they dont really care of the customers they just want all of you money, i'm *** king tired trying to explaind them: how do they want to provide a good customer service if their piece of ### SYSTEM DOESNT WORK PROPETLY. But you know they just want to make money with all of you guys.
    Im working on the building located on Mexico city ( Telvista its actually the company who's hiring people to be a rep of CBS ) Now if you want to make a complain to the general manager who is in charge of the shift of the morning (7:00 am to 3:00 pm) He's name its CARLOS SILVA. And one more thing... I know they are loosing facilities bcz avery one knows their system its very poor, actually they doesnt update their system since 1996 and still working like ###.
    Most of the workers just get the work for 2 or 3 months bcz they give us a kick on our ### if we say something like: repair the ###ing computers or why customers need to make a pymnt of $50.00 as minimum if every body know we are on crisis.
    I'm gona give to you all the supervisors names: Oliver Surita, Susana, Job Mejia, Edwin, and the two ###'s who treat at the workers like sclaves are : Luis Cuautzo and Gustavo... Mother ###ers they think they are the owners of CBS

    I just want to appologize to all of the families who are trying to get in contact with their loved ones but I'm do the best I can to help my customers. I just want to tell you the system whay we are working allow to take pymnts for $20.00 with a transaction fee for $4.95 what ever we can take it but if they catch us doing that they just gona give us 4 hrs per day of work. Also on the acct's what we can bill to the local phone company we can increase the spending limit but they dont want to do nothing for the customers. AGAIN THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. Thats why they are telling us: as much as you(including myself) get more pymnts you can get your sunday off. I talk with Carlos Silva and i let him know we are no more sclaves but he doesnt give
    damn ### !!!

    Please don't get the *** ckin, SIRO WIRELESS PHONE NUMBER bcz they gona take of you $80.00 and you will need to wait 15 days to get that cellphone and also you still need to create a prepaid ($50.00) account with this piece of ### CBS company. Please make some numbers and you will know they just want the money of your pocket.

    All of you if I can get your calls i will give you the best in my hands to give to you credits for all 1 min calls and increase the spending limit on the local phone company account. I DONT REALLY CARE IF THEY GIVE TO ME A KICK ON MY ###

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  • Ra
    rawr69 Apr 16, 2010

    Frustrated cbs rep i'm gonna hunt you and I'm gonna turn your life into hell, you are already in Mexico so it's obvious you know what i'm talking about, if you don't like the ###ing job just quit, your lucky you even got a job with that poor english of yours, I bet you didn't even finish junior high, your a sore-### chicano just looking to get back at hard working american companies, it might be your lack of success here in America, or probably you just got a new computer THANKS TO CBS and got nothing better to do.
    Biting the hand that feeds you is such a low class third world tendency, anyways if you are already got fired which I think you did, I'm still gonna look for you and send some cholo low rider homie gangsters over to your house. Good day.

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  • So
    Sophia Booker Oct 14, 2018

    The inmate video chat wasn't clear he complained he couldn't see us an the video chat kept getting disconnected i waited to see if the chat would be reconnect it never reconnected the inmate called me instead

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