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Convergent Outsourcing review: illegal collection practices

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You work at convergent and have no issues till you start noticing that this girl in class amanda is bullying her classmates. When first introducing her self to the class and erica she made a comment yeh im a [censored]. So after she bullied steve and jesus in class you brought it up and said to her "I guess you really are a [censored]." She then flipped out and took me into the office and all those girls with her she made fun of from sarah to alexis and yet they wanted to stay by her. Then you go in the office with carolyn callow and says I know you feel gang up against but it was unexceptable no I just returned rhe favor and showed what she was doing since you feel making fun of people is acceptable its not. So erica your trainer takes u to the store and says I have been were you have just ignore they are 20 year olds that dont even understand coorporate life. Then we have alexis a differnt girl and destiny hopkins treat me like I'm a old lady making fun of my age and sayingnno your old overall being rude by belittling me as u ask a questin what line we on. An then freaking out cause she snapped at me and you then called her out and said you dont have to be a [censored]. And then freaked out when adv that. Another is timothy and rubbing his dick on my chair and Im not having it Im not part of watever mesa prositute pimps want tonprove but you then fire me cause you say im the trouble maker when you get harrassed threatened your life by destiny and tried to be put down so you stood up. And ganging up against a disabled is TARGETED a disabled for no reason. An illegal. Then you have them steeling my glasses earphones and food amounting to about 500 dollars. An abusing a navajo mother. Overall you walk out and carolyn comes out screaming yelling your a nightmare an humiliating me by putting the hand of hitler up and then saying with her asu tshirt get out leave I want you gone for nothing but standing upnfor my self all. An the major violation is I have debt with verizon convergent outsourcing was my collections I found outband here was the number once you started working there they called nonstop. Number as follows [protected]
Im also not going to tolerate illegal collection practices. An yes carolyn your fired.

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