I too fell victim to this criminal scam. Thankfully they have only lifted 30 pounds from my card before I realized. At no point was I informed, let alone did I consent to their withdrawals. I have cancelled my credit card and launched a fraud investigation. My insurance will reimburse me. Check your statements carefully, look for wly*completesave.Co. Uk [protected] as well as for wly*mytimerewardswl. Uk [protected]. Block your card immediately and make a fraud complaint. There is not much else you can do. Eventually they will be convicted and personally bankrupted. I take some comfort from the fact that there is karma, and these criminals and everyone working for them will suffer personally in their lives in some way for what they have done.

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    If you want some contacts for this company google webloyalty international, the business name. The head of the company is called Guy Chiswick and you can look up the other 3 names on their website. Their offices, of you wish to talk to these people in person to ask for your money back are at 2 Harewood Place, London W1S 1BX. Telephone is +44 207 290 1650. That's where the decision makers sit and benefit from their ill gotten gains. Their call centers are at Sentinel House, Airspeed Road, Portsmouth Hampshire PO3 5RF and at 23 Route de crassier, 1263 Eysins. Their phone number is +41 22 5810900. Next time you are between Geneva and Lausanne look them up, I am sure they will be happy to answer you why they took your money without your knowledge or consent.

  • Updated by Fraudvictim= · Jan 09, 2017

    Upon further research I found the two registered signatories for their Swiss company: Lise Edwige Hanhart, who lives in Nyon and Martin Lawrence David Child who also lives in Nyon. Feel free to contact them to share your feedback with them.

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