Complete Savings / Complete Savemoney taken from my account

£15 was taken from my account. I don't know who you are or what you do but I've never signed up to this and now you are taking money from my account. I want a refund.
I want my money back, I don't have much money for food or bills and this is stealing from me. I need it back in my account right now! My email address is [protected]

Complete Savings / Complete Save

  • Hello Kane,

    Complete Savings is an online membership programme ideal for those who shop online regularly. Complete Savings members have access to a wide range of cashback deals, including an initial cashback reward, a monthly cashback reward, discounted gift cards and 10% cashback at over 650 online stores. More details can be found at

    The only way to become a member is to manually enter your details on the Complete Savings sign-up page and agree to the Terms of Service. The details required are: your name, your email address, your postal address, and your credit or debit card details for the monthly billing. It is mentioned in several places on the sign-up page that following 30 days free membership, there is a monthly fee - hence why you are required to provide your credit/debit card details on the sign-up page. There is no other way of creating a membership but to provide your details in full and complete the sign-up page.

    We have sent you a direct email with specific details on how you signed up for Complete Savings and also details on the resolution to your query. We hope this message and the email we sent to you resolves your query to your satisfaction. If you need further assistance, please contact us on our free telephone number (from within the UK) [protected], or, you can contact us at .

    Kind regards,
    Complete Savings

Oct 07, 2019

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