WLY* Complete Savemoney

I have never signed up for this company as never looked for a credit card or a saving account or anything like that. I have never needed to. I am furious that they have taken £15 from my bank account on the 4th of October 2019. I want to know why it's happened and refunded if possible because this is a very unfair thing to happen.. When I get paid every month I have a specific amount for everything i need this messes that up!!! I will now be short on money this month. I am very angry and upset and hope this can be resolved. This is fraud and has happened before so I take this very seriously! Fraud is not okay and people that have had fraud happen to then deserve to be helped and refunded of money lost! £15 May seem like a small amount but it makes a difference and I definitely don't want that amount sky rocketing. I have phone my bank and got them to stop money going out to the company but quite frankly that doesn't chance the fact I have lost £15!!!

Oct 04, 2019

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