Complete Savings / Complete Savemoney taken from my credit card monthly without any authorisation

D Sep 10, 2018

WLY* Complete Save have been taking money fraudulently from my credit cards since 2016, in 2 different accounts! I do a small amount of online shopping usually with the same four companies, but at no time have I requested to join the Complete Save savings plan. I have only just discovered this fraud, because the amount of £15 per month is a small enough amount not to raise alarm bells! I have now contacted my bank and had further payments stopped, and I have asked today for a immediate cancellation of my accounts. Somehow this company has got hold of my details, but I can confirm that I have never completed an application form to join this savings plan or received any emails or other documents from this company. I want all my money refunded and this company investigated. Simonetta Vacca

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