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I have being playing zynga poker for a long time I had over 34 million in chips and now I see that I was down to 100, 000 in chips I get an email to say if I am not playing in Indonesia (Jakarta) to stop playing here never played there I was blocked out from playing the game I love until to day the 21st of November 2011 I know you are not going to do anything about it I won a lot playing this game and I have spent a lot of my own money to build up what I once had, I deleted the game from my face book as i felt that it was not longer safe…

I think that someone has some how stolen what is mine and I want it back I received no e-mails at the time the chips were taken only when i logged back into play that over 34 million was gone have little faith in this game who is going to give back what is mine if not I will not spend any more money not chips real money I work hard for just to have it ripped off no excuses for this to happen to honest players and i know I am not the only one this has happened to so what to you intend to do NOTHING!!!

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  • Ar
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    Hey i had 2 million in my account when i logged out and came back and saw there were no chips in my account so can u please check out and say me what had happend otherwise please give me back my chips...

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  • Li
      14th of May, 2012

    Zynga Hello, A few days ago has been compromised and stolen a Facebook account I have 58 million chips are chips that I bought with my money and I would like to be returned to me thank you in advance Liran Elbaz

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  • Ya
      4th of Aug, 2012

    my account had $205m poker chips on it, i was playing on a table..when suddenly my chips went down to 20m(that was the amount i sat on the table, only that was left).i think my account was there was an unrecognized devised who logged into my account...please help me to get my chips back
    i played in the rules to win that...i have a friend who was on the same table..she has witness that...


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  • Ta
      10th of Oct, 2012


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