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I had 36 million chips, decided to play zyngas 2m and 4m VIP rooms. i went all in with about half of the 36 million chips when i knew i had the winning hand, suddenly there was a room freeze and i was thrown offline, once back on i tried to respond with the buttons so i would not be folded and lose it all, zynga would not allow me to and buttons were non functional. i lost all but about 6m of my chips as a result.

i complained to a zynga rep and was told they would trace my history to refund my chips and got an email reply from zynga that after viewing my account history they could not detect where i lost any chips. my response letter was, * how can you insult my intelligence by telling me you saw the video but at the same time you did not see what the video contained*, i also said * does it make sense that i came into the room, threw in millions of chips and intentionally folded to lose them?*

I bought A Zynga Poker Card Yesterday for 25$ And got 11M Chips, then the next day Someone Went on my Facebook account and took all my chips and No one know’s my Password here name Was ‘ Jonine ‘. i know this because my buddy Was on his account and i was not on Facebook at the time and I was Playing on a table with ‘ Jonie ‘ Passing Chips to her And I don`t give chips away. and I wasted 25$ on a Zynga Card for nothing. and Later that day I changed and Locked my account and the Person on my account was still on it. and they Changed my Password at ‘ 8:56 pm were i live it was only 5:56pm. my Card Number. Just to Prove i actually Used this Card. Not saying you guys won’t believe me or anything i Just thought you might be able to get my chips back or something. Just to end thanks for your time i Appreciate it these chips to buy them would have costs me more than fifty dollars so explaining my loss away with some irresponsible excuse such as this seems very wrong on zyngas part, not to mention they make a fortune of the chip sales which mean everything to them but means nothing to them for their players to lose them…just means players have to buy more and thats probably why zynga steals our chips. also, as soon as they wiped me out i had no more software problems and was not thrown out of anymore poker rooms, how convenient!

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  • Vi
      13th of Jul, 2010
    Zynga Poker Chips - Stolen chips
    Stone Park
    United States

    Dear Zynga, I was recently informed that I won free chips from zynga poker. It states that I won over 150 million. And to click on the zynga logo to confirm !!!' it also says that the chips will be in my account withen one hour... Well, when I logged on facebook this morning, all of my 14 million in chips were gone!!! Please return all of my chips. Thank you mr. Vince knoll... Please reply at my email ... [protected]

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  • Mo
      19th of Jan, 2013

    I had 6m+ chips yesterday while playing at night.But suddenly next day around 6.30pm i logged in to Facebook to play poker but then to my surprise i had just $1.Where did all my chips went.I did not send any chips to anyone.Kindly trace my problem and return my chips back to my account .

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  • Ad
      17th of Feb, 2013

    took money off card but didnt get poker chips

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  • Co
      30th of Sep, 2013
    Zynga Poker Chips - Unauthorized charges with out my permission
    Palo Alto
    United States
    Phone: 16505437818

    Hi i have a complaint about my credit card he charges 250 dollars yesterday i never purchace
    and i dont know about that and why he charge with out my permission pls help me imbestigate
    and refund my money thank you very much.

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