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I was not aware of what a scam this is It cost me$159.00 to find out...

Do Not usethis company or any other company who says you can bid on stuff cheaply..I tried unsuccessfully to cancel my account and it finally cost me $159.00 they will not refund our money ..they state in good faith they will refund half still waiting for that to happen which is $79.50 but not the full price. Tey charge you what they want and you can not change the amount beleive me I tired.. they are scamers and cheats don't use them..unless you want a good life lesson.. remeber if it walks like aduck and quacks like a duck its a dam duck good luck too all future suckers
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N  1st of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Who are you trying to kid? You know it's all a set-up. How much do you pay the bidders to just go on line and bid for you. Quit fooling the honest public.
N  5th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
quote, 'ZBiddy is proud to operate a Customer Service Desk that can be reached at 1-888-406-6509 Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 12am EST. One of our friendly agents is in place to assist you with any concerns that you have." unquote

"Hellooooo, my name is Peggy, hold please, I transfer you...". Sound familiar?
D  8th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Zbiddy is really a nice website. I never faced such issues. You seems to be a novice user. Such a big company will never charge without authorization.
N  8th of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
so you say we are stupid well they charged me $150-00 for something I was just wanting to check out. and you are right they are a big company. so why don't they make it plain for people to understand what you are doing when you are sending $150.00. never charge without authorization! BULL-!
N  8th of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
D  10th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I myself won many items from Zbiddy.com! I have been with Bidcactus.com as well. I love bidding on multiple sites.
D  10th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Zbiddy, please put up more TV's. I want to win a TV now.
D  10th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Zbiddy is good site. It's worth to spend at Zbiddy.
N  11th of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
i think its scam coz the prices are unbelievable. the best site that i think is secure it's ebay.com
N  13th of Sep, 2011 by    -2 Votes
why would the government allow this kind of practice and let us get cheated like this by individuals instructed to do so by their employers i was robbed 159.00 one hundred fifty nine hard earned dollars and it apparently is ok because it does not matter how long i stay on the phone speaking to different individuals nothing happens my phone # is 2406946060 in hyattsville maryland
D  22nd of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Yeah, even many get scammed on ebay. I am happy with zbiddy so far as I have received my iphone. I have been to their site for more than 3 months and I never faced any unauthorized charges on my account. You must contact their customer support and post the tickets here in the post. I don't agree if zbiddy is a scam site.
D  23rd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
That;s not correct. I have won an iphone and got it shipped. You must seek some strategies tips.
D  23rd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I got ripped on ebay twice. How can ebay be a safer place. Zbiddy is really a great website and one must learn first how a penny auction works.
D  25th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I am a happy user of Zbiddy because I won couple of items including an iphone. Members who lost their money on such penny auction sites tend to defame the website. I can understand where they are coming from. But. one needs patience and a good strategy to win on such penny auction sites
D  25th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
If I am correct every penny auction site works in this way. There are winners on such sites like me who won couple of items on zbiddy. So, far I found them honest and if I check their traffic reports or Alexa rankings, we can get an impression that they have many users. So, chance of losing costly items is more. Users tend to defame such sites when they lose their money. Your own perception matters.
D  25th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hmm.. sounds weird. I never faced such problem. You must report this matter to your bank and block your card because such big company like Zbiddy never charge a card until you (or someone who knows the sensitive information of your card) authorize it.
D  25th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
You must talk to their customer support. It could be possible that there might be a bug or you must have not properly set the minimum and maximum amount or number of bids. If there would be a bug then they would have cancelled the auction.
N  25th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I'd recommend this site as I enjoy using it. Zbiddy rocks!!
A  27th of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I think zbiddy should be classified as a gambling site, not an "penny", "auction" site.

Their "auctions" can be endless, and since when does it cost money to place a bid in an auction?

$15.00 dollars for 25 bids, not to mention the rest of the other crazy bid package prices they have.

Just 25 clicks, and $15.00 is gone... Or... You can buy another package of more bids in the heat of the moment...
Just pray you get lucky enough to win a $300.00 item, after you've already blew a load of money buying bids.

Should you get lucky... You still pay an "auction fee" and shipping costs.

zbiddy is a gambling site, not an auction site.

Recommend people stick to "real" auctions like eBay, where you dont pay a "penny" unless you win.

N  29th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I know dat we have all seen and heard of alot of shaddy deals in our days!! People dont be soo bitter dere are actually a legit company!! Winners and all! Yes u pay to participate but dats not a scam!! So u dont pay attention and enter ur credit card info...who is at fault i registered and did not enter my credit card info until I read everything! Dere customer service is da greatest!! Product are brand new with warranty!!! Penny auctions are new and are poping up all over da place its da new way!! Get use to it!! Smile!! life is great!! Really live it up and yes be wise and careful!

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