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My mom has already complained on your website, but I just want to make it known that I do agree that this was an extremely upsetting experience. I understand that my appearance can come of some surprise to people, but working in the customer service industry you should know how to handle all types of customers ranging in appearance and attitude, I should know, I work in customer service as well. My mother's complaint went as follows, as I had her forward it to me: "My daughter is an individual with many body mods, she's used to getting treated differently, to say the least. However this particular experience was unlike any other she's received from a stranger. You see, my daughter has many facial piercings, she even has her tongue split. While she was in the zaxby's drive thru she was facetiming me and I could hear the employees asking "didn't all that ### hurt" so on and so forth. My daughter is polite so she laughs it off and answers the girl's questions. Then the girl begins to make a spectacle of my daughter, inviting what seemed like the entirety of Zaxby's to the drive thru window to look at my daughter because she chooses to express herself in a different manner than other people. I was going to brush off this tragic experience until I heard the original employee who started the show say to the rest "I know she's a good ### eater, she's got two tongues". This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. My family will never visit another Zaxby's again." I don't disagree that this was far from satisfactory behavior, even my closest friends have more respect than to make jokes like this, and for a complete stranger that is supposed to be providing me a satisfying experience to do it? I was more upset than angry, because it was very embarrassing to have so many people staring at me and hearing me be talked about in such a manner. I don't think I'll ever be able to show my face another Zaxby's again, especially not this particular location, for fear of similar treatment. I was going to shrug it off until I realized how angry my mother was, and I just felt this issue needed to be brought to light. Thank you, have a wonderful day.

  • Updated by kensturrrry, May 02, 2017

    This event happened around 6pm on 05/01/2017

  • Updated by kensturrrry, May 02, 2017

    UPDATE: The general manager called me today, very upset by her employees' behavior. I do feel bad that the behavior of these adults who know better reflects on her, but she's been utterly amazing and so compassionate and understanding, and genuinely distraught by this behavior that I received. Kudos to her. 😊

May 2, 2017
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  • We
      2nd of May, 2017

    Completely inappropriate and the person who made the sick comment should be sacked.

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  • Ke
      2nd of May, 2017

    @westworld The GM called me today, she's going to be reviewing the footage and said that she will definitely be taking action. She was genuinely distraught by the behavior her employees presented.

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