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I worked in Zara and sometimes we failed to provide adequate customer service. This is due to the amount of work that is required by the big bosses and the little amount of hours we are granted per month to staff the store. Everything is measured by productivity for each member off staff. Customer service unfortunately is not the number one priority and will most likely be a 'self service' store. In my store we have 1 member of staff who is responsible for the fitting room . They must show customers to their fitting room, fix items that are rejected by customers, hang them up properly, put each item back in its correct place, check sizes for customer, phone other stores, find alternatives all the while running back and forth to clear the hundreds of items that customer hand back inside out or upside down. Let's be clear, it's not frigging rocket science to hang an item on a hanger but almost every single person can't seem to do this simple thing. Frustration tends to kick in as it's clear you just can't be arsed hanging it up properly. Some will say " well its your job" no, our job is already done staying an hour after the store is closed to make everything perfect for you coming in. You picked it up on the hanger, please return it in the same way!

Another member of staff is responsible for replacing every item that is sold. We have a sophisticated system that tells us each item and size to pull from the stockroom and take to the shop floor. These are normally in the hundreds every hour and that one person must pull an item in less than half a minute. Stockrooms are not close, some are remote. This person is exhausted by the end of the 10 hour shift as it's constantly go go go.

We have 2 cashiers on the till throughout the day but the till system is very complex and requires a lot of attention. If any mistakes are made in this role it can lead to dismissal. Any discrepancies at the end of the night are taken very seriously which is why floor staff are not allowed to operate the till. Even managers do not know how to operate the till which is why, when there is a Que, we cannot just 'jump on'
Then we have the deputy and general manager who between them are responsible for having a plan for the day which consists of the following: daily planner, shoe, clothing order, processing online that come into store, floor plans for new lines, deliver placement, delivery displays/allocations, delivery labels, transfers between stores, rotas, millions and millions of reports, commercial actions, operations, staff management, and last but not least we need to deal with all the emails from the big bosses. These come through every day between 10-20 emails and they are unplanned actions with deadlines attached that we must do. I.e price change on a certain shoe, removal from sale, making sure an item is out, counting how many shelves we have in the stockroom. Etc. Etc.

And on top off all of these thing we have to contend with some of the most obnoxious people. Yes, you are a customer, you are not the queen. You do not get to speak to us in a derogatory manner. Some of you people are lovely and will therefore receive good customer service.

Our top complaint.
1. Why can't you jump on the till? ( already explained)

2. There's makeup on every white top, why do you have them on display? (Ok, now be aware that's it's YOU the customer who does this? You mark the top with your make up or fake tan. It is not our fault. We keep the dirty ones out for you to try and if you wish to take the item we will get you a fresh one from the stockroom)

3. Online. ( zara stores have NOTHING to do with online. We are just the holding place for your items so stop moaning at us, it's not our fault!)

And finally the most important one of them all, the returns policy.
Would you try to return your car without the paperwork? Probably not! If the receipt wasn't important we wouldn't give you one. This no refund without a recipe is nothing new, it's been a thing since before I was born. If you don't Want any hassle the please keep your receipt safe.

We do not refund without a recipe unless it's faulty. We no longer exchange without a receipt unless it is being returned in the store it was purchased then we MAY be able to track it and exchange it. These are the basics! If you don't like it then you are under no obligation to shop in Zara.

We do not deliver poor customer service on purpose, we are stretched thin enough. We are happy to get you a size or check another store as this is our job but we do not need to tolerate rude behaviour. Let's face it, your just that type of person since you all have taken the time to write a complaint. And one last thing, I've had soooooooooooo many customers who are unhappy with something in store who swear they will not shop in Zara again. I'm sorry, please don't make me laugh, you always end up back in for a sneaky little purchase.

Jul 10, 2015
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  • Rt
      Aug 21, 2015

    I work at Zaras too and this is a thousand times true.
    Customers don't seem to be able to fathom that they are not the only customer that needs help and that we have obligations not just fulfilling their every need.

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