Zale Jewelers / / unethical behaviour

Newnan, GA, United States

I went on line to purchase three charms from their persona collection.
Out of the three, I only received two and was told the third item was cancelled by jewellery dealer but did not know the reason. I wrote them an email to find out why the item was cancelled and was asked to wait two or three days for answer.
I received a email from zales stating the item was out of stock, even though at the time of purchase, that was not indicated on the bill. The reason I was upset and not satisfied with this answer was because the very next day, the same item was on sale on their web site for a different price.
If the item was out of stock, why was the same item being sold the very next day at a different price. I wrote to them again and now I get a email response that their email is full and not excepting and other other words I have been blocked and can not voice my concerns.
Very bad customer service and it should be address.
I have been a zales customers for years, faithful to this company years, and this matter should be addressed.

Jun 18, 2017

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