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Lansing, IL, United States

I had a complaint about the advertising of 2 day delivery, found out YES read the small print, ordered my mom ring for mother's day found out there a a 5-10 day processing, then I was told it's custom made (how) I picked the damn ring on-line and ordered a size like I've done on-line for many items, and when the item says delivery in 2 days and I pay extra I get it in 2 days, I felt like a phone white I was passed around to different customer services representative that couldn't help me at all, all they could say meaninglessly was I APOLOGIZE, I wanted a refund immediately and they even lied about that.I will never order on-line with Zales nor will I ever recommend or shop at Zales again, Zales please only contact me if you can refund my money immediately without that meaningless word, I APOLOGIZE, stop apologizing and read the complaints of ALL your excustomers.

May 11, 2017

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