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To whom it may concern,
I wanted to share with you my experience this year with both the Zales Customer Service along with their jewelry repair services.
On January 2, 2017 I brought my ring in to the North Branch, MN Zales store to replace a small diamond surrounding the main stone on my wedding ring that fell out. I paid a rush fee to receive the ring back as soon as possible. On January 10th I received a call that my ring was back in the store but it failed inspection because too many of the diamonds were loose and they were sending the ring back to the jeweler. I never received a phone call over the next week to pick up my ring, so I called the store. They told me they tried calling one of the phone numbers on my account and it was disconnected, so they didn't try the other number on the account. My ring sat in the store a few extra days because no one attempted to call the other number listed in my account, which was the number I had asked them to list as the primary phone number. I picked up my ring on January 13th.
After inspecting the ring back at home and wearing it for a few days, I took it back to Zales in North Branch on January 29th because the diamond that was replaced was not catching any light and looked like a black hole when looking down at it. On that day, I spoke to Macy (Associate 1072437). She told me the diamond was sitting completely crooked in the setting and they would send it back to be fixed and that she would personally look it over when it got back in the store.
The ring had an expected pickup date of February 9th. It did not return to the store until February 14th. On February 16th, I went to pick the ring back up and looked at it and could tell the diamond was still sitting crooked. It was not catching any light and still looked like a black hole when looking at it. Macy then got an attitude with me and had me talk to the Manager, Joe (Associate 1052355). I had never had any interaction with Joe until this point and he looked at me and told me, " The ring doesn't need to be perfect; it's normal wear and tear and that this is getting ridiculous." I calmly asked him if he could see that the diamond was crooked and explained a crooked diamond is not normal wear and tear. He told me he could see that the diamond was crooked and he'd send it back for repair if that's really what I wanted to do. He said he would not rush the repair, because he didn't want them to rush through the work again. I had him send back the ring and left feeling very unnerved and extremely disappointed in their Customer Service, especially considering he was the Manager and also extremely disappointed that the jewelers could not put a diamond in straight and that if I paid a rush fee that it meant they would do less than par work and rush through it.
On March 2nd, the ring was supposed to be ready to be picked up, but I didn't receive a phone call. I checked the status or my ring online and it was listed as "Completed" so I called the Zales North Branch store on March 7th and spoke to the Manager, Joe again. He told me it would maybe be ready on that Friday, March 10th or possibly Monday, March 13th and that they didn't have it back in the store and it was probably marked as completed on accident. Joe continued to tell me that they were trying to find a diamond that fit the ring and the reason it was crooked before was because the diamond they used before was too big. He told me, "I will look it over when it gets back in the store because if it isn't good enough for me, I know it definitely won't be good enough for you." Again, his comments left me feeling like I was asking too much from him and the company to supply me with a replacement stone that fit my ring.
On Tuesday, March 14th I still had not received a call to pick up my ring. I called and spoke to Macy and she said it was still not ready and she'd check with Joe. I never received a call back. On March 17th I called again and was told it's still in the shop. I asked Joe to call the jeweler and find out when the work would be completed. He told me they said it would be complete on March 20th or 21st. On March 23rd, Macy called me and told me Joe received the ring back at the store and the channels were bumpy and catching light funny so he's sending it back again and this time they will rush it and it will be done on March 27th or the 28th.
I never received a call by March 28th so I called the store and spoke to Macy. She told me they forgot to send it off and it will be ready by Friday, March 31st because the jeweler received it late. At this point I was extremely frustrated. I told Macy I had family photos planned that weekend and I expected my ring back by March 31st and no later. I picked up the ring on March 31st. When I walked into the store, Joe looked at me and walked into the back of the store. He never apologized for the misunderstanding or the long repair time. He had another associate give me my ring back. The diamond was set straighter but was still too big compared to the other diamonds. I took the ring home and decided I would no longer be going to the Zales North Branch Outlet store again.
On June 18th, the small diamond right next to the diamond they had replaced fell out while I was making the bed. This came as no surprise considering how big of a diamond they put next to it. I don't wear my ring while I sleep, workout or do any projects, so it was disappointing it was falling apart so easily. I decided to take the ring to the Zales store at Mall of America. When I dropped off the ring on June 18th, they told me the Outlet stores use different jewelers that don't do as good of a job and that's probably why I had issues. I was charged a $35 rush fee and told it would be complete on June 25th. I didn't receive a call until June 28th to pick up the ring. I picked up the ring on June 28th and wore it until July, when another diamond fell out.
On July 16th, a small diamond two spots away from the prior diamond that was replaced fell out while I was getting dressed. I brought the ring back to the Zales store at Mall of America. I was told it would be complete on August 6th. I called on August 7th and it was still not ready. I called again on August 11th because I had not received a call. I spoke to the Manager of the Zales Mall of America store and he told me it was ready and had been sitting in the store for a few days and he's not sure why no one had called. I asked him if I would still have to pay a rush fee since it took so long and he told me there's no such thing as a rush fee and they don't charge for that anymore. You can imagine my confusion as I was asked to pay for a rush fee the last time I was in that store the month prior along with other Zales stores, including Zales North Branch back in January. I picked the ring up on August 13th.
I decided at this point I would take my ring to a professional jeweler who actually cared about the quality of their work to see what was really going on with my ring. The jeweler sat with me for an hour and let me look at my ring under a microscope. This is something Zales never allowed me to do. I was horrified at what my ring looked like under a microscope. I was told by the jeweler that several diamonds were very close to falling out and the prongs were barely holding them. He said the prongs looked so bad that they didn't even feel they would be able to build up the prongs because they would have to fix over 40 prongs. They told me at this point, I can continue to wear the ring and keep replacing diamonds as they fall out or I can melt my ring down and they will rebuild me a quality ring. Obviously the cost of rebuilding a ring is a price tag I cannot afford after paying for this ring in the first place and only having it for less than 4 years.
I have not worn my wedding ring since August 2017 out of fear of losing another diamond. I also don't think I can handle dealing with the awful Customer Service anymore. This is extremely heartbreaking to me that I can't even wear my wedding ring.
I'm writing this letter to inform you that Zales needs to do better. They need better training for staff, better jewelers, better quality and definitely better Customer Service. I'm not expecting a response from this letter, as it has been made very clear that customer satisfaction is not important to Zales. I do however want you to know I will be sure to never shop at a Zales again. I will inform friends and family not to shop at Zales. I will be sharing my experience with other businesses and on social media. I don't want anyone to have the disappointment that I did. Although, from reading Zales reviews online from other customers, I think it's too late for that.

Nov 16, 2017

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