Z Galleriedining table and chair

L Nov 16, 2017

My husband and I are very upset and in disbelief regarding the service and follow up/ through experience we have had with Zgallerie. We ordered thousands of dollars worth of furniture from your St Louis store at the end of June 2017. We were promised the furniture would be delivered no later then 6 to 8 weeks making it mid to end September. I recieved pieces of my order throughout this time but did not recieve the empire dinning table, coffee table and 2 of side chairs until November 2017, 5 months after we ordered them.
My husband and I called the store and customer service several times. We were both told many different stories, intitially we were told all of our furniture would be delivered end of September, the beginning to mid October, then the end of October finally in we were informed the tables were on back order, the store should have told us that and we received our full original order in November.
Mid October I ordered a dining table and chair. I ordered it through the store and was told that the table and chair were in stock. There would be no issue with it being delivered to me by November 13, as I explained to the worker that I have an event planned for the 18th of November and would order another if I could not get this item by that time. I placed the order and when I called to follow up on it. I was told that only 3 chairs were ordered due to a worker at the store placing wrong orders in other workers names. So I had to order and pay for a 4th chair which I was told would be overnight/ expressed shipped to me, that never happened I am still waiting on it. I was deliver the bottom of the dining table about 2 weeks ago, then delivered the wrong table 1 week ago. I am still waiting on a Mila table top and a gunner dining chair.
If someone can please check into my order. I just want my items. I was sent a $100 gift card and told I would be compensated for the time it took to send the original order another once all the order is delivered. I just want what I ordered as soon as possible. I have offered to pick the items up, pay for overnight mail myself and was told I could not.
I have called customer service more times then I can count, I've been put on list for supervisors and mangers to call me back but not one has called me, although I have called and held the line to speak with them. I just want my order..

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