Yves Rocher USAdoesn't seem to ship when they say they will

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I placed an order with this company more than a month ago. My order included several free samples and a free regular sized item. A few days later, I received a shipping confirm but never got the package. Called and told them what happened. They said they'd send it out again. Got another shipping notice - never got that package either. Called again to ask what was going on. Per the post office they never received the first shipment from Yves Rocher, and the second was returned for an incorrect address (even though the YR customer service dept. read it back to me and it was correct). So they said they would send a third package out. This time, when I got the shipping confirm, none of the free items were listed and one of the items I ordered wasn't there either. When I called customer service, after listening to a few lame excuses and pressing the rep for a real answer, she finally admitted that the packages may not have been shipped because of backordered items. She offered to send the free items out separately, but if I can't get the stuff I paid for, it's not likely I'll get the free stuff either. What legitimate company would knowingly charge my credit card for items that were not in stock?

I contacted my credit card company to remove the charge (since I still have nothing), but this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I want to tell others about my experience so they can do their own research on this company before placing their orders.

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  • Jh
      Apr 10, 2012

    This company does ship late. But I've been shopping w/ them since 12 yrs and never had a problem w/ wrong charges and everything mentioned above. I actually like their customer service.

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