YouTube / banning of gambling streamers

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A lot of people are not happy about how gambling streamers have been blocked from streaming and without fair reason. Most of these gambling streamers do a lot for people. They advise on stopping gambling they take away urges for people to gamble as these streams can still provide the same buzz without the addiction.. Also to say but the least they do a lot for charitys.. Most of the donations charitys recieve from these streamers come from theyre viewers rocknrolla for eaxample along with kim from lets give it a spin donated £20000 to charity... Although youtube see's theyre streams as a violation we dont see why they have to stop when they do a lot of good

Jun 02, 2018
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  • Ms
      Jun 04, 2018

    @SusanWojcicki - My 2 year old channel with 50, 000, 000 views and 80, 000 Subscribers just got removed today without any notice or just cause, & 1 DAY BEFORE my 4-Week US Tour promoting my YouTube Channel! Please help! #Positive #Educational #Fun @TeamYouTube @YouTube #Rude #Rudies

    @justbrianc does not promote gambling, he provides free, clean fun entertainment for those of us that are unable to make it to the casino due to medical or any other reasons. He has always been very careful to follow YouTubes guidelines. This is very injust to cancel his channel for false accusations and no way for him to reply or defend his channel! #RUDIESTRONG #LOVEBRIANCHRISTOPHER

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