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Yours Clothing, Peteborough, United Kingdom, Ireland
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I ordered 5 items from your company. I got a delivery but not one thing was mine. I have sent a message and an email but have got no reply. Your customer service is beyond shocking. The phone number provided does not ring. It days you seem to have mis-dialed the number. I tried to use the returns portal but it wont accept my email address, my postal code or my number. Now I have a broken foot and have been in plaster for nearly 8 weeks now, how am I to get out to return this package. Also I bought my items on black Friday, if I re-order them I wont get the same price. While I understand errors can take place this was not my error.
The last order I placed with your company, the next day I got an email from yours clothing stating that I left some things in my car and dont forget to buy them. I had bought them the previous day. Again I couldn't find anyone from your company to help me. You really need to improve your customer service because at the moment it certainly feels like you dont have one.
Is there anyone in your company that can help me with this issue, Rosemary Mc Nab Sleight

Nov 30, 2018

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