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Yours Clothing Complaints & Reviews

Yours Clothing / never received my order and my emails aren't being replied to

May 12, 2019

Hi i purchased 7 items on yours clothing online and it's been over 2 weeks now with no response to my emails and not allowing me to check the tracking online i spent over 150 Australian dollars so i'm really disappointed, if the items don't arrive i would like a refund, my item/order...

Yours Clothing / clothing

May 09, 2019

I have purchased 2 tops from Yours shops and both items have got numerous holes in. One of the tops was £29.99 & the other top was £21.99. Could you tell me why this happens with your clothes please? Both myself and my 2 daughters have had numerous clothes from your shops and they all have...

Yours Clothing / remboursement

Jan 24, 2019

Bonjour je suis Isabelle mangeon, à plérin 22190 en France [email protected] ma commande 159768273733258 ne m a jamais été livrée elle vous a été retournée par Chronopost le 15 janvier. Ou en est mon remboursement ? Je suis une très bonne cliente je commande souvent sur votre site, aussi...

Yours Clothing / interview

Jan 12, 2019

I could not find head office adress so I would like to make a complain here. I applied for Supervisor position in Bluewater shopping center.I was very happy about that and did my best on the interview with Loraine.lorraine told me if they choose me I will have the second interview with...

Yours Clothing / shipping charge to canada

Dec 10, 2018

I ordered a $30 USD top. When I started the checkout process, I saw that standard shipping was $15. It had gone up from a very reasonable $5 USD for shipping to Canada. (Also, why am I charged in USD when I am in Canada? Canadian money is not worthless!) So, when I proceeded with checking...

Yours Clothing / wrong items delivered

Nov 30, 2018

I ordered 5 items from your company. I got a delivery but not one thing was mine. I have sent a message and an email but have got no reply. Your customer service is beyond shocking. The phone number provided does not ring. It days you seem to have mis-dialed the number. I tried to use the...

Yours Clothing / return

Nov 07, 2018

My friend bought me several items for my 70th birthday. She visited me while I was on holiday in Skegness. Then she returned home to Leicestershire.on Monday I opened my presents I realised the leggings she bought me were the wrong size.i went back to the Yours Shop in Lumley Road Skegne...

Yours Clothing / no reply to an urgent request

Nov 06, 2018

I placed an order but the address didn't not go through correctly. I immediately sent 3 emails & enquirers via Facebook for someone to help me, but STILL no one has replied! I got an email just before telling me my order has been sent BUT IT DOESNT HAVE THE CORRECT ADDRESS ON IT SO HOW CAN...

Yours Clothing / floral jumpsuit

Nov 04, 2018

I purchased this item the week before I went on holiday in 2 sizes bigger than I am as I like jumpsuits to be baggy. My first problem is that the size 24 I ordered would fit a size 20 as it was not baggy on me at all although enough room for me to be able to wear it. My second problem is when I...

Yours Clothing / underwired soft padded bra

Oct 04, 2018

I have used yours clothing for clothes for a long time and decided as they have the bigger bra sizes I would give them ago insted of m&s where i normally get them, and £25 for a decent bra is ok if it lasts longer than 4 months or even 2 weeks. I bought a white underwired bra in May and a...

Yours Clothing / request for refund - non-responsive customer services

Sep 13, 2018

I have emailed you several times now to request a refund for an order I placed on 15th August and it was paid for by PayPal but I have never received the items. The PayPal transaction number is 5F893350851021812, £119.96. I have raised a resolution issue with PayPal (Case ID PP-007-258-807-363) but they...

Yours Clothing / disgusting customer services

Aug 14, 2018

I returned 2 items by collect plus, then I got an email stating one item had been refunded so I called them and said I returned 2 items they had been looking into the issue with their warehouse all last week. I called again on Thursday and was told that the warehouse told them that only 1...

Yours Clothing / blue chiffon long blouse

Jul 05, 2018

Hi, i recently purchased an item of clothing from your workington store. I had the item around 11 days and after trying it on with the outfit i was to wear i decided it was not for me. I did not have my receipt and thought that i would be able to exchange the product. On going into the...

Yours Clothing / job application

Jul 05, 2018

Hi, I applied for a job at your metrocentre store and I was really shocked and upset about the question that you require your staff to wear your stores clothes which start at a women's size 16 and a men' L. I felt discriminated against because i wear a size 12 and I believe this was the...

Yours Clothing / returns

Jun 04, 2018

Every time I order from yc and return anything I have to chase it up! I returned over 300 pound of stuff and am being told they don't have it and can't do anything to help me. Customer service are so useless. I don't know why I ever shop here because I never have a good experience it...

Yours Clothing / jumpsuit

Jun 03, 2018

Hi last week I bought quiet a lot of clothing from yours including a new jumpsuit that was in store which was £30 I decided to wear this jumpsuit for the first time last night to go out in and one of the straps fell off and all stitching came away so I had to sow the strap back on as I wa...

Yours Clothing / delivery option

Apr 17, 2018

Hi i have just placed an order online and it didnt give me any delivery options and seemed to take my payment extremley quickly normaly u have an option of diffrent deliverys ... i wanted next day as im going away 3 to 5 days will be to late my name is Leann Hopkins 9 Idris Terrace Plasmarl Swansea Sa6 8lt Please can u rectifie this issue thank you

Yours Clothing / hiring site

Apr 07, 2018

Hello, I have just tried to apply online for your store in Cardiff and came across the question stating "It is a requirement that sales advisors wear Yours clothing products as seen in store, these start at a Ladies size 16 and Men's large, can you meet this requirement", I was so shocked by...

Yours Clothing / order cancelled by their security team without notification, have not been refunded

Mar 15, 2018

I placed an order on 28/02/18 for multiple items of clothing - the order totalled £159. The delivery did not arrive, so I used their live chat on 07/03/18 to contact customer services, and was told they need to contact the warehouse team to get more information and someone would get in...

Yours Clothing / parka coat

Jan 27, 2018

Hi, I bought a parka coat from the Romford store on the 3rd October 2017, and am quite disappointed with this coat as I have started to get white fluffy balls coming through the coat under the arm area and going towards the front of the coat, considering I paid £59.99 for this coat I would...

Yours Clothing / various items of clothing

Jan 09, 2018

I am a committed customer to my local Yours store as I am a lady of a fuller figure and require clothes that fit appropriately whilst still being relatively fashionable. I have been using Yours for several years and in the past I have received the highest standard of clothing from you and...

Yours Clothing / service

Dec 02, 2017

My friend and i went christmas shopping in southend on sea high street on saturday 2nd december 2017. we walked into the store and was looking for garments to wear for christmas we both found some clothes of which i tried one on in the store which i was happy with and we took our chosen...

Yours Clothing / not receiving a returned item

Oct 16, 2017

On 13th September I ordered 6 dresses on line (for choice) paid for them, delivery was fine, only kept one dress and parceled others up and returned. When I received my email confirming partial refund only 4 dresses where on, I sent an email asking why the other one wasn't on (the most...

Yours Clothing / goods never arrived, possible scam seller?

Sep 27, 2017

Good day, I ordered a pair of linen pants from Yours Clothing. They received my payment on 22 August. To date, goods have never been received. Yours Clothing is supremely unconcerned - first they said wait 18 working days before they can investigate. Then after 18 days they said they...

Yours Clothing / hermes delivery service

Aug 08, 2017

I have been waiting on a parcel for a week now! There has been multiple "attempted" deliveries apparently! However I was in house all day yesterday and got an email saying your delivery has been attempted and has been rescheduled for the following day allow 24 hours? Are they having...

Yours Clothing / faulty sparkly blue long cold shoulder top

Jul 22, 2017

22.07.17 Mansfield Branch Returned faulty top after wearing for an hour and washed using laundry instructions and air dried. Shrank and had pulls on the back when tried on again to go out making it unwearable. On returning i was asked for the receipt, i wanted to keep the top so i didn't...

Yours Clothing / they pretend they don't get returns even when hand delivered to them

Jul 18, 2017

Here we go again. So much trouble and run around when I return an item to this company. Last time they said they didn't get it, wrote a review on here and they suddenly found it the next day. I didn't use them for ages but my daughter saw a dress and shoes on here for her formal so I grudgingly...

Yours Clothing / missing jeans

Jul 15, 2017

I placed an order on 15th June, Reference YM53371248 I also PAID an extra £6.99 for a quick next day delivery as I was due to attend a party and needed the outfit. my parcel arrived but there was only 1 item my jeans were missing I called yours clothing who firstly promised to refund me my...

Yours Clothing / aop star chemise 148021027

Jun 09, 2017

hi my name is charlotte davies, my address is 1 austwick walk barnsley s702ng, my email is [email protected], phone num is 07982910714, on the 29th of may 2017 my friend bought me this item from the store at barnsley, ive worn the item for bed and its dyed all my skin blue, all my brand new...

Yours Clothing / order not received

Mar 08, 2017

Order number YM71012856 Waiting since 26th feb for my order rang customer services today and told me to wait 18 working days for an order that only takes 5 working days to get here before this.i find having to wait 18 working days in this day and age for an order from the UK ridiculous.18...

YoursClothing / scam site

Sep 26, 2016

I've made an order and bought several items from YoursClothing website. My order was placed a long time ago and never made it to me. When I tried to contact customer service they ignored me and did not reply. Recently I finally was able to reach someone and the person I spoke to said that...

Yours / taking my money


I have had money taken by your company on my credit card and I have not given permission to you or any web sites to do so. I don't care which web site you represent but they have gained my details fraudulently. I wish you to re-reimburse me 11/09/2010 EPGBILL.COM.MARKETSOCI 8663145182...