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Your new commercial with the mom talking about how yogurt isn't cage-free Norweigen hemp oil is not going to win people over. The reason your sales are slumping and you had to find new advertising is because of your products. The public now understands that the amount of sugar in your yogurt is bad for adults and kids, as well as your sugar free stuff with fake sugar chemicals. I quit giving yoplait to my kids a long time ago when I found out you put gelatin in your yogurt. Vegetarians can't even eat it. And yes, we want products from companies that pay attention to cage-free, organic, cruelty-free, farm fresh and low sugar.
With the statements you make in your commercial you are actually making fun of the very people you are trying to get back as customers; the ones who don't buy your product anymore because its not healthy, or organic, cruelty-free or farm fresh, etc. You should change your product to win customers, and change with the times to offer better products, not talk down to customers or attempt to make fun of those who make different choices with their food than mainstream junk food.


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      Jun 28, 2017

    Nailed it. As soon as I saw the commercial, mocking people who prefer cage free products, I googled it to see if there was a reaction anywhere. These were my exact thoughts on the commercial and I couldn't believe my ears when I heard it. Conditions and ingredients are so important and I will never purchase another yoplait product after seeing that commercial.
    That terrible Arby's commercial that mocked vegetarians and now this? If your company isn't capable of selling something without making fun of something else then it says a lot about the company. Maybe try to leave negativity toward a positive way of living out of your boring and uninventive commercials. Pay attention to what you're selling and don't underestimate the intelligence of your consumers.

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