Yonkers Central Ave Nissan / won't give me my deposit

Yonkers, NY, United States

I Advise all Customers Do not Go to Yonkers Central ave nissan, I left a Deposit on a 2012 Rogue and signed the Sales order form( Not a Contract ) mind you they didnt even give me a copy when I walked out the finance man stated that I will get everything on Monday. I was not happy with me being pressured and forced to not leave and demanding that we can discuss the deal, I was not happy with the service on how everyone had me waiting for a long time while my sales person fooling around and on his phone. The sales manager was so aggressive towards me signing the deal. However it turns out that I truly wasn't happy and Couldn't afford the payments so I went back and tired to get my money back and the sales manager Chris had threaten me to call their attorney and I was not allowed to get my 500 deposit, I stated to chris that I had lost my job and that I couldn't afford the car, He Didn't care and goes No Money Back!!

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