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Just like others discovered Yodle was a complete ripoff. Excellent sales skills to suck you in, followed with inept marketing staff that was supposed to generate phone calls through web clicks in my local area. They did move my adwords ads to the top of the list in the cities I was targeting and soon discovered it was done by bidding $10.00 per click for $3.50 per click average on my own. No magic there as I could do the same by bidding less than half that. The sales pitch was with their volume sales discount through Google they could deliver clicks/calls for less than I was paying... Lots of emails back and forth resulted in nothing more than suggesting I give them more money and time to see it work...
No reply to my suggestion they credit me for a month to prove it works.

Got a note confirming my contract was completed and have filed it since they even managed to charge the card they had on file that had expired. That was refunded without contacting the credit card company.

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  • Ti
      Jun 01, 2010

    i got ripped off too.

    1000 plus dollars and not one actual lead.

    con artists.

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  • Ga
      Mar 14, 2011

    Yep same thing I had it in writing average click fee of $4.50 they were chargeing me 2- 3 even 4 times as much, My money was gone in two weeks and they wanted moore I said hell no!
    Told them to Cancel the contract they tried to keep me too it but I unauthorized them from charging my card and thank god I had the click fee in writing They did not have a leg to stand on Besides they knew what they were doing they surely were not going to expose themselves in a legal battle over a few thousands bucks STAY AWAY!!!

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  • No
      Dec 19, 2014

    Hi pressure sales. All types of angles attempted. Was told it would be 5 to 10 minutes, ended up going well over an hour. Tried to get off the phone with them. Should have hung up. After an hour and 20 minutes finally did. Kept telling him was not going to pay anything, needed to finish the call, etc. etc., and he said he understood and would let me go but kept on talking. I felt abused afterwords and stupid for staying on the line trying to be polite. Will never use them.

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