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Yes Loans / refund

1 Scotland, Fife, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 01337 842431

I was offered a loan from and i had to pay £69.50 with my debit card in March 2009 as i wasn't happy with their service i asked for a refund in May and they told me i would have to wait until June before i can get a refund.I have been phoning sent emails and still haven't got a refund and now this is August 2009. It costs `10p a min on the phone and you are always in a queue i hang up after 10mins. It's appalling company like this get away with it.

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  • Pa
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    applied for a loan said i been accepted which was a lie.but never mentioned about a fee, of 59.50 which they took out of my partners account we never sign the application form never agreed to anything they said to apply for the refund on line never explained how to bloody get it...

  • Ra
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    applied for a loan& paid £59.50 on the same day i changed my mind and call them up for a refund iwas asked to put in writting but when i applied they want up front fee before i signed the agreement & now i cant get my refund.

  • Co
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    Hello ALL,
    I am still in the same predicament as you all and wish to help you if at all I can.
    I just don’t want anyone else to get scammed and above all I just want this company to stop behaving as they are.
    Yes I requested the loan and yes I accepted their conditions plus paid the fee, but surely if you are told you would get a fee back you should get it back – especially if they cannot find you a loan!

    Anyways thats my rant over with ... I would highly recommend going to the following link and emailing Yorkshire-lad400 who has very good advice on what to do.
    Wish you all the best

  • Cp
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    It IS possible to get a refund of the admin fee from Yes Loans! Don't give up!
    Unfortunately you will have to fight for it though. Be confident and assertive when speaking to them but try not to get angry with your advisor. Remember they have the right to terminate any call.
    A piece of further advice I would like to give is not to ring them up too often. The hold times are ridiculous and all they are going to do is make up excuses and deny all knowledge in the hope that you give, so they can keep your money.
    I've done all the angry phone calls and they don't help.
    Below are the steps to take:-

    1) Ring and ask for a refund. They will politely give you the email address. email them accordingly. They will not respond in any shape or form so don't expect even an automated reply.
    2) A week later, ring the Financial Ombudsman Service on 0845 080 1800 and file a complaint. Tell them that despite following Yes Loans procedure you are still awaiting a refund. FOS will send letters to Yes Loans and you. Yes Loans have 8 weeks to respond but again, don't expect anything from them.
    3) A few days later ring Yes Loans and ask to speak to the refunds department. Ask what their response to the FOS letter is. They will pretend they haven't received it. Mention that you are writing down everything that they are saying and you will use it in further complaints if necessary. Now ask to speak to the complaints manager and again, tell him about your FOS complaint and that you are writing down his responses. Ask him why you haven't received a refund. Be assertive and he will action your refund.
    4) Add one week onto whatever date he says you will receive your refund - the date he tells you will be a lie too.

    Yes Loans are obviously operating legally and no doubt anyone defending them will talk about small print and sections of law that validate their practices, from the initial "hooking you in" acceptance right through to the withholding of your admin fee. That doesn't mean that they should continue as they do. It is clear that they cause alot of upset and stress amongst vulnerable people.
    Take the following example:
    Woolworths were selling a girls bed range named "Lolita." They were doing nothing illegal and yet, the line was withdrawn after causing upset.

    To finish off, don't accept your eventual refund as the conclusion to your FOS complaint. Like me, please take it as far as you can. Perhaps if enough people using FOS demand explanations as to why they were given the impression that their loan application was successful and why the refund isn't immediate, things may change for the better and this dreadful company may get its comeuppance.

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  • Ma
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    i to have bein suckerd in 2 yes loans sayn i had my loan approved n had paid the admin fee of £59.50 only 2 b told i couldnt get a lender 4 the loan n that a full refund would b giving iv bein emailing them from october till now about it when they emailed me today they said there emailing system will not be in use and to ring customer services were nobody answers your any info on how to get my refund back will be greatfully appreciated this company cant keep going on n ripping people of the way there doing it

  • Em
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    I paid admin money to Yes Loans because they have said my loan was approved. The following day they send me the forms in the post and for some reasons the loan was to be approved by a third party. I changed my mind before the processing of the application form and they agreed to refund me my £59.50 which the havent refund fund me regardless phoning them four times. Their phone number is too expensive to keep ringing and they put you on hold for ages. I dont know what to do and i think I am gonna go through FSA to get my refund.

  • Ch
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I am at the end of my teather with this company. Like many others i paid the admin fee of £59.50 as they said i was elligible for a loan, i signed and sent off the paperwork and a week later i recived a txt message saying my application has been successful. They asked me to call them to arrange final details so i did, after being on hold for 30 mins they said that a lender would call me within 24 to 48 hrs to confirm. 5 days later no call, i called them again. (on hold for 20 mins) they said that there was no lender who was giving me a loan so i said ok then i would like the refund as i paid for a service that i did not recieve. In a rude manner the man told me that i would have to wait for three months before i get it back. I then asked for his name and he told me it was Ben. I then asked him what was his surname and abruptly told me he was not giving it to me, i asked to speak to a manager and he said there was no one there like that. He was a rude man, i just want my money back, is there anyone that can help. I was totally mislead by this company. Please dont anyone use this company as it is a waste of money and time!!!

  • Rh
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    While sitting here today, i applied online for a yes loan, i felt a bit bullied into giving my bank thats when alarm bells started ringing. While i was on hold i googled yes loans and was horrified at the feedback on them! these people have my details!! When the woman came back onto the phone i informrd her i had changed my mind, she got a bit shirty and asked why, I replied that i had just been reading about the company and it has not got a very good reputation. She got really quite angry and basically told me that all the comments you guys have made are lies, That you all must have lied in your application and therfore were refused! I then repeated to her that i did not wish to proceed with loan and not to take admin fee from me, she then abruptly told me to have a nice day and hung up the phone before i could get any assurance that i would not be £69.50 lighter. Ithen rang back only to speak to another "Customer Adviser" i use the term loosely, and repeated that i no longer wished to proceed and he hung up too! am now going into town to the bank and if they have taken that out i will go ballistic!
    Thanks Guys for all your info that has been made avaliable about this company, maybe i have read it just in time! i'll let ya all Know. :O

  • Nz
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    I just read your complaint, I have the same problem with Yes Loans, its been two months and I have still not got my money back, how long did it take you to get your money back, how did you do it? I am so so angry with them, like you said, you can never get through to a human being!

  • Co
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    A fee of £69.50 was taken from my debit card by an agent of Yes Loans. She had contacted me after my details were passed on to them she said. I was asked to provide my card details as "verification" but before I knew that sum of money was taken from my card. I then received a form in the post which I was asked to sign and send back to finalise my loan. I telephoned Yes Loans to inform them that I did not authorise them to take that payment of £69.50 and I'd like my money back. I was advised to ask for my money back in writting and expect to wait for 30 days for a cheque, minus £5.00 for their admin costs. I sent the letter 27th of September 2010 and it is now November and the cheque is still nowhere to be found. I have tried calling their "Customer Care" number on several occasions and at one point I was put on hold until I gave up and hung up! On one occasion I did get to speak to someone he was so dismissive of me you would have thought it was his money not mine I was asking for back

  • Na
      18th of Apr, 2011
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    I applied for a loan just over a month ago, at the end of the phone call he told me they are taking 69.50 off me for admin. if i changed my mind within 14 days i would receive a full refund. two days later i changed my mind i rang up and was told i had to write a letter and would receive the money back in my account within thirty days. This is a load of utter pants. It is now thirty two days since they received letter. I have just spoken to a man and he said they are now sending me a cheque which i wont receive until AFTER the bank holiday weekend! I will never use this company again!

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