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Yes Loans / Money taken after cancelled proceedings and several hours of harrasment

1 England, Surrey, United Kingdom

i applied for a loan with yes loans and was told they had to take a processing fee of £59.50 which i told them i had no money in my account they asked when i would next be likely to have money so i said "i think about the 5th december but im not sure when my money will clear into my account" i was not asked was it ok to take the money on that date and the phone call ended. the next day i recieved a call from yes loans asking for the money to process the application so i told them i want to cancel the application which they replied by asking why and i told them i had come into some money and no longer needed the loan and i was told that my loans details had been closed and do not hesitate to call if i wanted to apply again. later that same day i recieved another 5 phone calls in which i told them all the appliacation was to be cancelled and they all said it was done 3 days later after recieving untold amounts of calls from yes loans i told them i would be getting them done for harasment should the phone calls continue as i didnt want to proceed no further with the application and then i heard nothing at all from them after that until the 5th december when i checked my bank account and the money had been taken out i called yes loans and asked for a refund he said i had to fill in my form and send it back saying i no longer wanted the loan but still to this day i have not recieved any letter from yes loans so i called them again that same day and told them no letter was recieved and i was told there was nothing they can do until i return the forms and said they would send another one out which i am still yet to recieve i have now had bank charges and direct debits have been cancelled because of this aswell as the endless amount of money i have wasted on contacting them. does anyone know who i can contact to take this matter further and proceed with legal action to reclaim my money? my email address is many thanks

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