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I used Yelp website a lot. I found many useful reviews there and decided to make my own account. I left several bad reviews and several days later I noticed that all my reviews were deleted! I wanted to contact Yelp but wasn't able to do that. To be honest I did not find their contact details. I only found their questions and answers page where it was said what could be the reason and why reviews were deleted. That gave me absolutely nothing, because all my reviews were honest and I told only truth!
I want to hear from Yelp as soon as possible and I want to know what was that they did not like. I don't think that's a good way to run a website, I just said what I wanted to say!! I will not use Yelp again. I will wait for their reply and then I'll delete my account.

Mar 14, 2017
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  • Ma
      Jun 27, 2017

    Yelp is an evil company, they were so stupid on the way they manage their company, money first, careless about anything else. If you don't listen to what they are asking for or don't do a highly cost ad with them, they will do everything that they can in order to destroy your business, by showing all the bad reviews and filter all the good reviews, just like what they did with massinos pizza. They even go on Google and spend a lot of money in order to try to take business from you and send it to your competition using which they bought couple years ago (evil doing and unfair to any human beings).
    It is just a matter of time for Yelp to be sued and that is the only way for the CEO to stop this evil work.
    Yelp came alive by paying people to go eat at all restaurants if that person puts a review on Yelp, and after few years and after they fed a lot of people, and managed every review on Yelp (filter what ever review they want and show what ever they want for any particular business), then they start calling all business and ask them to put ads on Yelp in order to get more business (which a lot of business did go for but others were disadvantaged if they couldn't afford to pay for a costly ad on Yelp).
    If Yelp is fair with their business, they should do just like Google reviews, where Google show every consumer reviews for all businesses, with no filter.
    YELP=EVIL, waiting to be corrected in a LAW SUIT.

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