Yelp / yelp's been very bad.

Hallandale, FL, United States

I'm not entirely sure if qualifies as an outright scam, in the traditional sense, but at the very least they're not what they say they are and they do NOT do what they claim to do; not even close. For instance, if you were a first time, or casual user of, and you wished to see our Salon's reviews, you might come to believe that our business gets nothing but bad reviews, because that's what you are being shown when you first visit the site. However, do a bit of checking around and you'll find out a few more things. One, those "bad" reviews are all, over 2 years old, and yet they still feature on the first page; more than that, bad reviews are the only ones listed on the first page. Two, the good, positive reviews far, far outnumber the bad ones, but doesn't make it easy for consumers to find them: we are not clients of Yelp, so we get mistreated until we have no choice but to advertise with them. They are absolutely crooked and they're working very hard at making other, life-long crooks look decent by comparison. needs to be reported. If the FTC can't get them, I'm sure the feds can get them for racketeering.

Sep 11, 2014

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