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We signed a 12 month contract with in which we were guaranteed 90 clicks per month (1080 clicks per year). The cost is $391/month. Our first three months we got 43, 15, & 5 clicks respectively. Although the company is not performing on the contract, they are not willing to let us out of it. They will not refund our money and claim that if we don't get the clicks by the end of the year they will extend our ad for free until we get them. I'm not interested in paying almost $400/month for clicks I might get 2 years from now. They seem to think that I have to uphold my end of the contract, bot they do not have uphold theirs. I now have to get an attorney involved.

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  • An
      29th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes are crooks. Their website is shotty at best and the amount they charge per month is ridiculous. Spend money with Google.

  • St
      29th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I regret having signed up for a 12 month contract. As a business owner with many types of advertising I felt I should warn others about First, the ad was totally not effective. Second when I called to cancel the account customer service did not even ask why I wanted to cancel, meaning...they could care less! Third, they would not let me out of the contract even though dissatisfied. Fourth, when I voiced my dissatisfaction stating I would not use again, I was cheerfully told "no problem, thanks and have a nice day” I get excellent results with Google advertising and have more control. The customer service with Google is excellent.

  • Mi
      4th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Has anyone tried a class action law suit? We are thinking of starting one please contact us

  • Jo
      25th of Jul, 2008
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  • Ch
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    As a former employee and top performer, this company is the absolute worst. We were fed tons of misinformation and put through sweatshop like conditions. I can't wait until the class action lawsuits come by not just the businesses who were ripped off, but by the employees who were screwed over. Anyone know another company with a 400%+ turnover rate in a single year?? The former VP of Sales (since disgraced and fired) claimed they would be bigger than Google in a few years. Completely laughable.

    ATTENTION AT&T stockholders... get out while you can!!

  • Qu
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    I am in the same boat promised me 90 clicks for $330.00 per month.They have not delivered. I also believe thier analytics are lies becouce over 4 months I have not had one call yet they claim to have sent 156 click. I would definantly sign on to a class action.
    Q. Carnley

  • Ms
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    We are also trying to get out of our contract, they say we got 779 impressions, with 8 click through for 5/08. They do not provide any detailed reports. Customer Service is a joke. Their advertising has not generated any business for us. This is a total rip-off and we also can not get out of our contract. Definitely interested in the Class Action Lawsuit!

  • Mi
      21st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes is a total scam. I cannot believe a company this size does this. I know this was not performing a week after it was up, and since i've made several phone calls tyring to get it corrected, and i finally told them that i don't want the ad anymore and i'm waiting to hear from them. Please sign me up for a class action suit.

  • Je
      2nd of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes is a complete and utter POS! Yeah they guarantee you clicks/year now. They guaranteed me top placement and however many clicks in a year for $600+/month. Man do I regret signing anything with them. It's been 3 months and I've gotten maybe 150 clicks or so. I told them w/i the 1st month I wasn't happy and then the 2nd month I told them IN WRITING that I wanted to cancel and to pull the ad and they KEPT IT UP! And then they have the nerve to harass me all-day at work and via e-mail and say I owe them for 3 months which is BS as I told them to cancel after the 2nd month. I owe them for 2 months and will not pay them a penny more!

    These guys are crooks and a waste of money! I get more hits from Google than them and I don't pay Google anything!

    [censored] you, may you rot in corporate hell!

    Sign me up for a class-action lawsuit.

  • Je
      12th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was recently contacted by one of their very pushy sales people trying to get me to advertise. I explained to the girl over and over again that I was a locksmith specializing in emergency lockout services, and 99.9% of my customers consult a phonebook and 411 directory assistance, not the internet when they are locked out of their homes. She repeatedly told me that I was wrong and I would likely get 1/3 to 1/2 of my business from the advertisement. I then asked how she expected people to get onto their computers when they are standing outside locked out of their homes or in the middle of nowhere locked out of their cars, and she STILL insisted that I would receive several calls per day from their site. Finally I had to terminate the call and I told her to take my company off of their contact lists and to NEVER contact me again.

  • Al
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    Sign me up for the class action lawsuit. They said what ever they had to to get me to sign up. They said if it wasn't working they would let me out of the contract. They said if it was working they'd give me a couple of months off with out paying. I had to close my checking account to stop them from sucking 706.00 our every month.


  • Je
      17th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have tried to contact the person who sold me the line of BS, one time I spoke with him and we were to meet to discuss why i was unhappy with and he never returned my call to set up a time to meet.I was being charged 421.00 a month for at most 10 clicks!!!Not one phone call!!I have since then shut off my credit card.Now they call me all the time and have said it would go to collections.Has anyone been contacted by collections?They are a fraud!!!They promised if not happy I could cancel without problems.

  • Ri
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    also have proof sales reps leave false good reviews for new clients placing an online ad--anyone know how i can proceed with lawsuit let me know.

  • Bo
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    Do not do business with Yellow Pages. My story is long but i will make it short. Firs i contact them i make and agreement with their sell rep., but after two months i didn't receive my contract and i contact them again. They told me that he moved to another department and i have to make another contract, because they can't find my previews one. I had an agreement with the second do advertisement on their phone book. After a month i received a bill for $86 for my internet add. I called many time and left many massages to the rep. i talked the last time, but not answer. I contacted their consumer services and they forwarded me to another rep. in my area. He sent me an info with all my first agreement that i was told that don't exist, so i cancel my phone book advertisement because i was told i can not cancel my internet add, because is already started. I asked them to make it at least smaller add, because i never agreed to place the most expensive one.I t didn't happened called again in a few weeks and costumer service told me that my phone book add is canceled and i have the internet add only and when the contract ends in December it will be over if i not contact them. I didn't believe them any more because i even didn't have a contract signed by me. I checked on google about complains and here i'm. I learned that you have to send them a letter with certification that you want to cancel your contract called them again and they told me that now my contract is until April next year and even in my acount i still have add pending for their phone book add which i canceled few months ago. I'm still fighting and now i'm still waiting to see my unexciting contract. By the way now is end of April and i don't have even a single phone call from their add on internet, and it is second on the first page, means expensive. Don't even think to call them and do business with them. You will be disappointed and you will end with many hours on the phone trying to find the true. But if you think to call them and try to make and add at least buy a small tape recorder and record your conversation with them.Don't say yes before listen your records at lest twice. And ask them a questions and record their answers, because you will need this record to prove it one day.

  • Yy
      1st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please email me to sign up for the class action.

    I signed with my contract online and spend $52.00 a and get 3 or 5 clicks a month for my business since Jan 2009.

    I emailed them that I would like to cancel my contract first. I was waiting for two days but nobody answered. Then, I called their customer service to cancel my contract. I think the number is 1-800-343-7390. I talked to "Jay Mexxx", though I doubt it is his real name, at customer care department about my cancellation and he said I can't do that because the contract is 12 months. I asked him to send me the contract that indicates that I can't cancel the contract in 12 month. Then, he emailed me a link:

    However, when I asked him where is the part of the period of the contract, he couldn't show me where it is, and insisted that I must have seen it when I signed in online.

    Then, he started talking about how to improve my ads such as changing a image or offering customers calling from with some free gift, etc.

    After the experience, I googled "how to cancel my contract with" and am being here. I have found lots of information similar to my experience and have a confidence now this company is a fraud.

    Yesterday, I emailed to that " Please, attach the fax form to cancel my contract with and email it back to me. "

    and today(1 May, 2009), I got email back from them that:


    You would just need to write us an letter/email requesting to cancel and your account will be cancelled .
    Thank you,

    Customer Care

    Online or Mobile
    Need Something?

    This is amazing me a little since I learned here that I had to fax the form to cancel it. They actually don't require the action. However, I still doubt that I can cancel my account by just sending a email since I read a lots of hassle with them. There is no signature in the email. It doesn't mention how much it is billed or when the account will be canceled.

    I am going to write a email to cancel my account and let you know whatever will happen to me. If it doesn't work, I will definitely join to the class action.

    Also, unfortunatley, can be a fraud as well as Unfortunately, I have to fight with two company for my money.

  • Yy
      1st of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I wrote the following email and send it to them just before.

    To: Customer Service
    Effective immediately, please cancel our account with We would appreciate written confirmation within 2 days that cancellation has taken place by email.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Sincerely yours,

    Let's wait and see...

  • Yy
      5th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Then, I have received following the message.
    date Mon, May 4, 2009 at 3:20 PM
    subject RE: Send me the fax from to cancel my contract with

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for contacting, the online directory for business.

    We wanted to confirm the receipt of your request and it has been forwarded to your Sales Rep. You will be receiving a call back from your Sales Rep within 48 hours.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care


  • Yy
      5th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received a phone call from:
    (5, May 2009)

    He asked me to confirm My business Name, address, my name, and explain about the cancellation fee and something about the number that I need. I think my voice was recorded because when I spoke, the conversation was stopped unnaturally. He also mentioned I need to be contacted by the qualitive representative to cancel the contract. I asked him who you are and what you are doing with me. The phone was hung up and couldn't reach to him again when I called back.

    Then, I wrote the email to Customer Care:

    To: Customer Care,

    No. We only accept Fax or Email for the receipt of my request.
    Or, it will be reported to the public.


  • Te
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Here's is what my att Advertising contact should said:

    5. Renewals. We reserve the right at our discretion, but we are not obligated, to renew your Advertising for renewal Terms coinciding with the publication dates of the directory. We will send you notice of renewal by U.S. Mail, containing any change in Advertising rates and the accompanying terms and conditions, and you may refuse the renewal by giving us written notice within 15 days from our mailing, or by the deadline contained in the notice, whichever is first. We reserve the right, upon written notice to you at any time prior to renewal: (a) not to renew your Advertising for reasons set forth in paragraph 2 above or (b) to eliminate or modify any terms, conditions, standards, specifications, products, headings or policies (including without limitation priority placement of Advertising) affecting your Advertising. All Internet Advertising will automatically renew at our discretion at the then current rate unless cancelled prior to the publication date of the next printed directory. After renewal, only changes resulting in the same or increased level of Internet Advertising charges may be made.

    After reading this I wrote a letter to my sales rep informing AT&T of my desire to cancel and not renew my contract. I mailed the letter certified mail so someone at AT&T had to sign for it. I have a copy of the letter and a return receipt that proves the cancellation letter was received. Now if AT&T tries to do something stupid and auto-renew me, I have material evidence that proves my notice to cancel was delivered.

    Here is the text of my cancellation letter:

    This letter is to inform you that our advertising agreement for print and internet advertising signed on 6/10/08 is not being renewed.

    Our company is extremely concerned that our other marketing activities -- free craigslist ads, contractor review websites and targeted flyer distribution – all outperformed the yellow pages print and internet advertising. Our free craigslist ads alone generated $300, 000 in contracts, yet the paid advertising in the Yellow Pages book and generated $ 0 in revenue.

    In regards to internet marketing, over the last ten months generated only 24 clicks to the website. This was an average of 2.4 clicks a month! If I factor in the total cost of the internet advertising ($42 x 10 months = $420 ) and divide by the number of clicks generated ($420 / 24 = ) the cost per click is $17.50. During this same time frame the website had over 500 hits from craigslist at a cost per click of $0.0.

    Unless AT&T Advertising can somehow refund a significant portion of the funds paid on this non-performing advertising contract Our Company will make it a policy to never do business with AT&T Advertising again.

    Thank you,

    This Works, just remember to send the letter certified or registered mail and the letter must be received by AT&T by your renewal deadline.

  • Pa
      14th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am an attorney in New Jersey. I have filed a class action. Would you have a minute when I could contact you?


    Paul Perkins

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