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1 United States Review updated: promised us Delle Electric, LLC a year ago that we would be receiving regular stats with our newly agreed-to contract. Not once in a year did we receive any stats. We were hassled by phone every two hours starting in middle May 2007 for the contract renewal. When I stated that we would not be renewing were then called every hour and a faxed form from to cancel the account never showed cancellation instructions but blocked out amounts for the yearly contract they were hoping to procure. I wrote CANCEL ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY and faxed back. Three weeks later they pulled out their regular monthly payment out of contract and a phone call to the rep was met with a suggestion that either this was our last payment (which is not since our contract was over) or there was a problem. This afternoon, June 19, 2007 we started getting phone calls from again about renewing our contract and paying the fees. It seems our cancellation has been ignored.

I want the payment of June 15 2007 investigated and returned. I want the phone calls to cease immediately. This is a cease and desist order to the fullest. Stop calling our business line, stop taking payments that were NOT authorized and return the payment you took without authorization and leave us alone. This account is CANCELED.

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  • Se
      4th of Jul, 2007
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    I have also had terrible experiences with since May.

    In 2004 (owned by SBC) bought out and merged the two sites together. Up until that point, I had a great relationship with I was notified of the merge and promised that it would not effect my national premium listing. I was told my position and rate would remain the same. When the merge took place, my ad dropped in positioning with them and our logo disappeared.

    I called up the new office to request that they repair these issues. They did put up our logo, however I would have to pay a HUGE increase in monthly advertising costs to to get our positioning back. I was very upset, however they refused to do anything about it.

    08/2006, Vic Deverian (sales rep) offered me a 3 mo. contract to try a national tile ad for $4,126. 01/2007, I then called back to take advantage of this offer. I was then told the offer did not exist and I would have to purchase a 12 month contract at an even higher rate. After going through about 6 offices and many more reps, I called the Presidents office. I spoke with Rita Haynes (Executive assistant 866-228-0248). Rita took my complaint and assured me someone in her office would contact me to resolve this issue. The call never came. I called several more times and nothing.

    05/08/07 Rita gave me a call to tell me that the offer never existed and more importantly my account was now past due. First, I was unaware we even still had an ad. My understanding was I cancelled in 01/2007 to negotiate a bigger ad. However, they did not cancel and kept billing me. Since her call, I sent in two payments. What I would like to know, is why would an executive assistant to the president be calling me to tell me this? They do have a collections department.

    My ad remained up until 06/29/2007. HERE"S WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW. 06/29/07 launched a new interface. This means they now had development costs to cover. So, for any reason possible they dropped tons of ads from their listings. WHY? - to force you into higher contracts and lock you in for 12 months! Tssk Tssk! This should leave you with a couple questions. 1. For a company who boasts about how many visitors it's site gets, why would they feel the need to lock you into long term contract? 2. Is guilty of unfair business practices? - YES!


    1. Immediately file a complaint with the Pasadena Better Business Bureau.

    2. File a complaint with the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

    3. File a complaint with the State of California.

    4. Post complaints with consumer Blogs everywhere! Continue to revisit them for updated information. WHY? - CLASS ACTION MAY COME UP

    5. Call Rita Haynes in the Presidents Office. She has since become a "Executive Manager". 866-228-0248

    6. Send a certified letter to the presidents office requesting immediate solution.
    7 North Fair Oaks Ave #200
    Pasadena, CA 91103

    I am asking anyone who has had a bad experience with to contact me directly at I will be posting formal consumer blog.

  • Bo
      13th of Jul, 2007
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    Thanks for your site. The phone # for the Presidents office was very useful, I just called. Hopefully they will allow me to finally cancel my account. Here are the details:

    -Got an unsolicited sales call in May 2006. Signed up for a basic listing, as I was trying to get more business.

    -Paid my bills regularly. Never got a single call or job from the listing.

    -One month before my contract was up (1 year contract) I called the number on the bill, requesting that my account be canceled. I was told it would be, no problem.

    -Following month, I get a call from a sales guy. He tries to get me to stay on. I refuse and tell him I would like to cancel the ad. He tells me I need to fill out some odd zero-ed out contract form in order to cancel. I thought that was odd, since all they required for me to sign up was a verbal agreement on the phone (recorded, of course). Why should I sign a contract in order to CANCEL service? He emailed me the form. I faxed it back.

    -Next month (June 07), I get a bill, and email the sales rep asking why. No response.

    -Next month (a few days ago), I get a second bill- with a collections letter. I email the sales rep. No response.

    -Today, I get a voicemail from collections, telling me they are going to send my past-due account to a collections agency. The rep leaves a phone number which does not work (results in an "out of service" error when I try to call). I email the sales rep, no immediate response. I call the sales rep. He tells me he will fix the problem and call me back. This was 4 hours ago, no call back yet.

    -Called the President's Office. Spoke with an assistant, who tells me he will get back to me today with an answer of some kind.

    All in all, it seems like a very shady operation. Never again will I do business with Signing up with them was a BIG mistake. I made a grand total of $0 from the listing, and spent hundreds of dollars on the listing, and hours and hours of time trying to cancel. Now my credit rating is in jeopardy due to their sleazy business practices, and I am praying and hoping that I will finally be able to cleanly sever my ties with the company.

  • De
      29th of Aug, 2007
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    We signed a 12 month contract with guarantees us 90 clicks per month on average and 1080 clicks over the next 12 months. Our first three months we received 42, 15, & 8 clicks respectively with no actual customers generated. They refuse to allow us out of our contract and state that if we don't get the required clicks by the end of the contract they will continue our ad for free until we get the clicks. I do not want to continue to pay almost $400/month for clicks I might get years from now. At the current rate it will take 49.86 months (4.15 years). They seem to think that I have to uphold my end of the contract, but they don't have to uphold theirs. They refuse to let me out of the contract. This is an extremely unfair business practice in my opinion. They claim they will "re-work" the account, but I'm concerned that I will now start getting phony inflated click data as an attempt to keep me in a contract that is not performing.

  • Se
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    I signed up with 8 months ago. I have had ZERO calls! I have receiebved ZERO emails! The product does not perform and in fact as I write this I tink I will just take them to small claims court and see what I get there. I will make sure the thousands of customers and people that I know will NEVER use there services.

  • Ba
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    I used to work there...all these complaints are true. It doesn't work. For anyone!! It's an online directory where 2% of consumers use when looking online for something. They say they are the 25th most visited website in the country...what a crock of ###.
    Everyone is cancelling with them because their numbers of consumers looking for a particular business are bogus and not true. Do not buy this junk!!!

  • Je
      6th of May, 2008
    0 Votes is the biggest scam EVER! They lure you in with some very attractive promises that they can't deliver on. "How many calls would you need per month to cover the cost of this ad? One? Two? Five? We can GUARANTEE you 80 calls a month. Can you handle that much business?" (They also "guarantee" first page placement on Google and Yahoo. What they don't tell you is this placement is for them, NOT you.) We took the bait August 9th 2007 and our credit card was billed on August 22, 2007 (13 days later!). According to their claims, we should have received 640 calls in the 8 months since signing up. If we are lucky, we have received maybe 20. The first month we had no calls, no e-mails, 10 clicks on our ad and 5 to our web site. They were all either us or our rep checking to see if YellowPages had fixed any of the wrong information on our ad!
    1) web address (took 3-4 weeks to fix)
    2) logo-don't know where they got the one they had (took 2-3 months to fix)
    3) business hours (3-4 weeks)
    4) payment information (3-4 weeks)
    I called our sales rep (Ellen) MANY times about these errors but it still took forever to get them fixed. She was slow calling us back and always seemed to have an excuse. It was almost like, after we signed on the dotted line their "Customer Service" got really crappy! But they still managed to promptly billed our credit card every month, even though the ad was wrong.
    As a side note, in October and November our credit card was over limit and the charges were refused. December their collection dept called me saying we were 2 months behind in our billing and demanded immediate payment . I told him that was the first I heard of it and asked why they hadn't sent me a notice. His answer-they don't do that. I gave them our debit card number for a one time charge and asked that they send a bill rather then billing the credit card. He said they're "not set up to do that" and they "only do credit card billing". RIGHT!!!
    Also, they are supposed e-mail a monthly activity report. From September 2007 to February 2008 I had to call our sales rep to get a copy of that report because we never got the e-mail. Ellen could never tell me why that was, but always said she "would look into it". In either December or January she finally told me they had the wrong e-mail address (that she entered incorrectly). Guess what-- for 4 months any client who tried to contact us by e-mail was rejected! Ellen apologized for it and was going to fix it right away but didn't. Then our business slowed down and we were looking for ways to cut expenses until the Real Estate market picked up again. I called Ellen to see if we could cancel, cut back or tweak the ad in some way. She and her supervisor (Kim) were supposed to come out the next Saturday morning (the only day that my husband & I could both be there). Kim had a family emergency and we had to reschedule for the next Saturday. Kim was sick and we needed to reschedule--again. I had enough, so the following Monday I called the Corporate offices and was finally connected to Jennifer (818-937-5744). I told her about all the issues. She was very apologetic and immediately fixed the e-mail address, gave us a credit for 2 months and said she would change the account to paper billing. E-mail address was changed, credit was issued, but the billing was never changed.
    I just called "Customer Care", reiterated all the problems we had and asked why the billing was not changed in January. The customer care rep (Candice) said that to qualify for paper billing the account needed to be at least 6 months old and the billing must be at least $500.00 a year. She didn't see any reason why it would be rejected and said she had to submit the request to the billing department by e-mail (done today). She should have an answer in 48 hours. I checked my notes & reconfirmed what she told me with her. I also said I would call her back in 2 days to confirm the billing has been changed.
    Also, to cancel your contract at the end of the term you need to fax a letter to them at 1-800-303-3342 stating that you want to cancel the contract at the end of billing (I'm going to put and exact ending date!), Why you want to cancel and your phone number. I plan to Fax the request to them once a month from now until August, just to be sure they get it.'s business slogan should be "At we over promise and under deliver!"
    I will update this to let you know if the billing has been changed in 2 days.

  • Ea
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    I in the last few weeks have had a an ongoing nightmare with
    First I was visited by their sales rep who was a nice guy and I truly believe that he believed what he was talking about. However his sales presentation was obviously trained into him. It in itself is deceptive.
    Through the wording it gave an understanding that and AT&T were partners with Google and Yahoo and that they not only had the abiltity to give you constant exposure on those search engines but that they also could work magic with a multitude of other search engines.
    So I believed what I was told and actually bragged about it to my friends that I had signed directly with Google and Yahoo. That I was going to pay $700. plus a month and that I was going to be at the top of them both locally.
    Honestly as with most of us business people we just are not web designers nor are we aware of deceptive web terminology.
    First the web site that they were going to design for me no one contacted me in any way to let me know to take a look at it and at least approve it before I was charged. All of a sudden I went online to my bank and they had charged money to an account that I don't keep money in except to pay bills. So it over drew the account. I called them and they said that my site had been completed and that I should have recieved a package letting me know how to get there and how tomake changes.
    I said I hadn't and asked them how to get there and they actually couldn't tell me.
    They said they would send me instructions and a welcome package to my E-Mail right away. I checked the next morning only to find no instructions.
    So I get a call and I ask the mysterious customer how he got my number he said yahoo and I asked if he saw a web site and he said yes and gave me the address. "I now think this caller may have been a set up."
    So I punched it in and there it was my first viewing of the web site they constructed. Since I have very little experience with a web site I thought it looked fairly good and I wanted to change some things so I called the number again complained told them my story and they connected me to a recording that said that they were not in and would call me back. they called two days later. By the way still no welcome package.
    Then I went to google and yahoo and checked it out for myself. Yes I found myself very easily several ways and so I waited for Phone calls or E-Mails>- NONE so I went back to google and yahoo two days later and the only way I was able to find myself was to actually put in the name of the business.
    I called the rep and he gave me the gumball machine analogy which didn't make any sence to me because he had givin me the impression that I would be on top all the time.
    I called them and told them I wanted to cancel they argued with me that I could not and I said very firmly you are not giving me what I was told 8 or more calls a month which is nothing and and X amount of Clicks which I did not understand. Because if you look up a number in the phone directory you call it right?.
    They said that they would credit my account at the end of the year tward the next year. Well if im looding already I don't want a next year or even this one.
    So at this point im very upset and not happy with what has happened.
    I actually called Google and asked about this and they said that not AT&T were not a part of their company that they were just selling their product as a third party and could not support these claims.
    They told me where to go on their site to do all this myself and actually have a chance of getting on and being seen.
    If anyone has any input would you please send me an E-Mail.

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