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(SF) Yellow cab driver in a Black Honda Odyessy van/crossover/suv Cuts me off and slams to a halt in front of me at the light. Bay Street, or Lombard driving west. but if I recall correctly...heading out of The Mission heading north then west toward GG bridge. Two lanes in our westerly direction Two other cars going in my direction on the road. Both in the "fast" lane, me in the lane closest to right curb. Driver of the Yellow Cab "van" sees the car in front of him signaling to make a left turn. So he decides to pull this dumb stunt of zipping around fast so he doesn't hit the car turning left, and is in the "slow" lane so he doesn't get "stuck"behind car turning left. Only thing is, we're the only three cars on the road going west for blocks and blocks, Cuts me off in the slow lane, then slams to a stop for the red light. I was nearly at the light so what he did was make me hit the brake HARD to avoid hitting his 'black van cab'Had to brake hard to miss rear ending his black van.
Ultimately there no opposing traffic so the car that had been in front of him,
turned immediately on the green light. The Yellow Cab "green rookie race driver" ended up almost causing a wreck so he could beat me to the light. Had no idea either of the two other cars casually driving along with me, would pull some unwarranted stupid unnecessary driving "childish stunt" to "get one car ahead." Which never happened for him anyway. Left him to trail me many cars back...On the GG bridge headed North, he tailgated others in the fast lane trying to catch up with me all the way across the bridge. He got behind me finally in the slow lane just before Vista Point (right) turn off. I proceeded to GGNRA/Vista Point to use the facilities and be on my way North. Him-> Black driver, dark cap Black Odyessy, "Yellow Cab" sign on roof. He did not follow me into Vista Point, but continued North on 101 toward Robin Williams/Waldo tunnel.

  • Updated by jake jarmel · May 13, 2017

    Something radically different about his driving, downright aggressive and seemingly abusive for no good reason. I drive a lot, but his driving was exceptionally poor and dangerous. Had I not been a seasoned driver hitting him may have been inevitable. He smiled at me when I drove by him as he really got nothing out of driving like total fool disconnected from reality, or trying to get someone to hit him from behind. Trying to get a paid vacation and big settlement would be the only reason I could see someone doing all that for. Seemingly criminal activity. Connivers. Unlawful actions.

May 13, 2017
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  • Bo
      May 13, 2017

    Hi Jake.
    This Bob from Yellow Cab of San Francisco. Not our Taxi. We don't operate any Black Taxis or Honda Odyssey vehicles. There are about 20 companies in the SF Bay Area that use Yellow Cab in some way in their name and there are gypsy cabs as well. Best always to get license plate number although if they're operating illegally that may not even help.

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  • Ji
      Jul 26, 2019

    Dear Service Center Manager,

    I am sorry that I have to complain about the service your company provided to me on 07/25/19!

    I was riding a taxi with a license plate of 23372U1. The driver was asked to send us to S Van Ness from SFO. In the process of delivery, the driver constantly switched lanes, which made us feel very unsafe. We had to remind him that we were not in a hurry! But he still went all the way.

    What's even worse is that he took the 280 instead of 101, This not only delayed the time we got home, but also made us pay dollars more. We paid 52 dollars. Usually from the airport to 140 S VanNess only costs about $35. If he did it on purpose, what is the difference between this and stealing or robbery?

    When we asked him why he was detouring, he actually answered 101 had a big car accidents. But the fact is, 07/25/2019 noon from 12:08 to 12:49, there is no car accident on 101! This dishonesty is disgusting.

    We are complaining about this matter with the trust of your company. We hope that your company can take corresponding measures and compensate us for the loss in this service. Otherwise, we will go to the Consumer Association for further complaints!


    PS, we tried yellow cab SF website to post this, it doesn't work!

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  • Ye
      Jul 26, 2019

    @Jill Gee I checked our help desk at and it is now working. Make sure you scroll down on the form to complete it. Thank you.

    The cost would be between $42 to $52. It would never be $35. If you'll send us your contact information via our help desk we'll be happy to review your ride next week and reply to you.

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