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Yamaha Motor Corporation / Poor customer service

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I purchased a 2006 Yamaha V-Star 1100 as a left over in 2007. After about 7 months and only 400 miles. My spoke rims started to rust and pit. I went back to the dealer and was told this is not normal. When I contacted Yamaha I was told rust is not covered. When I asked Yamaha to please show me where in the warrantee it states rust is not covered they said it is to be assumed. I told Yamaha that the warrantee reads that everything is covered except normal ware and tare. And are they saying that is normal for Yamaha products to rust after 7 months. At that point Yamaha said they would replace the rims but I had to pay the $800.00 labour to install them. This seem absurd to me I have a new bike with 400 miles that is garaged and is covered (with a Yamaha cover) has never been in the rain or road on a wet surface and I have to pay $800.00 for something I did not cause. When I asked for the name of the person in charge Yamaha Motor crop USA I was told no one knows. If you call the 800 number no one will give you a name it is like calling the CIA.

So at this point I am not happy with the way Yamaha handles there responsibility. And if anyone knows who to contact at Yamaha to get some satisfaction please let me know.

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  • Am
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    I wish I new who to get ahold of! I would give them a nice cussing! We have a wolverine that we had work done on. We had the top end rebuilt and when they bored it out they didn't clean up there work and left shavings in the engine which froze up the oil pump so it was not pumping oil to the top end so that froze up a valve well we took it back and they said that it was not there fault and they unstuck the valve and we they did they messed up the rocker arm so it will not come out and we have to buy a whole new head. All together its over $1000 worth of parts not including labor. Well we contacted coporate and they said they couldn't do anything about it cause the place denies that they done anything wrong. I disagree i have a 4 wheeler that will not run yet it run when we dropped it off!!!

  • Mu
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    I live in Chennai and bought a black Yamaha R15 about a month back. The bike’s handling, looks and feel is great and I have managed to touch speeds of 120km/h with ease. Overall
    I am very satisfied with the Bike and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.(well perhaps an R1). Anyway my bike was due for it’s first service as it has been a month since I bought it. I went to the Sri Motors Yamaha showrom in Ashok Nagar where I bought the bike and handed it over for it’s first service. They asked me to collect it in the evening after 7pm. So i went and collected it and since it was dark I just brought the bike home and left it in my garage. The next day when I woke up in the morning and took my bike out for a ride I noticed that there were two really big and deep scratch marks on my bike. I went back to the Yamaha showroom and complained to them about it. They immediately went on the defense and said that they were not responsible and that I must have hit it somewhere. I was very upset by this and have decided that I will never give my bike to Sri Motors again for service. I would like to know whether there is any manual which I can read that would help me to service the bike myself. Also for guys who are living in Chennai and are going to buy a Yamaha Bike DONT BUY IT FROM SRI MOTORS IN ASHOK NAGAR. Buy it from somewhere else.


  • Mu
      6th of Oct, 2008
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  • Jo
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Complaint :
    I made an enquiry on Yamaha's new 150cc FZ16 (and visited the showroom)to one of your dealers in kolkata, on AJC Bose Road, Kolkata opposite Exide House, but the owner of the showroom said that FZ16 can be booked only after paying Rs2000 in advance and the delivery time would be atleast 8 weeks. I'm astonished to hear that from Yamaha dealers end which is extremely discouraging, and a customer like me in Kolkata will definitely go for Bajaj Pulser 180 or 150 instead of FZ16, if this condition persists.

  • Ha
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    I made a service to my Yamaha Crux in the Sri motors Ashok Nagar.I told them to check the Bikes Gear box, Further they noted all the points which i told to them.But after three days they called me and asked me to take my bike and also told me that it took Rs.3500 for those complaints.I agree with that complaint.when i went there for the delivery i was shocked to see my bikes condition.It was like a such a thing in Garbage.
    They not even did a little water service.When i enquired about this.They told me that i didn't told them to water service.I was totally down when they added me your bike still have Head and Bore problem for that i need to bare Rs.5000.I asked why you didn't look at that, they said its not coming under my complaint.
    I am new to this service center.Let me know the best service center for Yamaha in chennai.

  • Ch
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    Hi Friends, I am really agree with all your points. Especially about Sri Motors service centre in chennai.
    Previously they did some good service for me but in last 3 services they did very wrost service and treatment of customer and bike is wroster than ever.
    currently more number of bikes are coming for service each day. So at Sri Motors they have hired new mechanics and guys are just learning to service the new technology bikes. They are not trained it seems.

    I faced a wrost experience with sri motors and now find a local mechanic with some good experience with yamaha bikes, even though i have 5 more free service with Authorised yahama service dealer.
    I decided not to go service at SRI MOTORS till the people will get some real esperience with Yamaha bikes. These guys are really hard to deal with.

    I feel very bad behalf of Yamaha bikes, due to this wrost service center the YAMAHA bikes are lossing its reputation in the market. Especially in Chennai.

    Yamaha has to look in to this issue as a serious matter rather than release of new bikes in the market.

  • Pa
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    hi sir,
    i`m parminder n i`m from jammu. i drive yamaha`s R15.the bike is good but my experiences with your dealer here in my city are not really good.My bike`s light and horn is not working since three months back. And in these 3 months i`ve visited yamaha`s showroom for more then 40 days. Every time they guys come with new excuse n last time i went there n they gave such a stupid excuse that "the dealer`s marriage is nearby so they r not purchasing any new spear part so you have to wait a month more".

    I feel very bad behalf of Yamaha bikes, due to this wrost service center the YAMAHA bikes are lossing its reputation in the market. Especially in jammu.

    so i want u to kindly process my complaint as soon as possible.

    MY BIKE NO. IS - JKO2AJ 26
    MY CONTACT NO. IS - 9906372777T

  • Ho
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    I bought a 2007 Roadstar 1700, less than six months ago, at the 600 mile mark replaced pipes and had jet kit installed at the dealership. App. 3000 miles later bike kept shooting flames out of the top tailpipe and then cutting off. Took it to the shop to be fixed. Bike cut off app. 3 blocks from the shop. Took it back, they played with it some more. Very next ride, the very same thing happened again. Took it to a different shop, they worked on it, I paid money. The bike made one more ride resulting in the same mentioned problem as before. Bike has spent more time in the shop than on the road. I have lost all confidence in Yahama.!!

  • An
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    HAHA you think thats bad...come home from Iraq for 18 days of leave aug 2008 to oregon, purchase new 2008 R1, put 400 miles on it, come home from iraq nov 2008 to ft campbell ky, put 250 more miles on it todays date mar 09 when...clutch has major failure friction plates COME APART, so after pulling teeth yamaha agrees to goodwill parts but not labor, still not real happy but glad to see some help, clutch goes in motor knocks needs to be rebiult, not theyre problem because the clutch is a "wear item"...still in the shop so ya welcome home i gotta 12000 dollar paper weight. Im not ok with this, the education over the net and to as many people i know is just the start, I feel like i have been robbed.

    Love, Andrew Week 503 718 8447 give me a call if you are thinking of yamaha its a good product but if you cant step to the plate behind your product then its not that good.

  • Fe
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    hi, I m from Bangladesh... I want to buy a Yamaha FZ16 motorcycle...but this is not available in BD market... when this bike will be available in BD?

  • Vi
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    dear sir iam vimal from tiruvannamalai iam 28 years old past 10 years iam using yamaha bike 2 month before iam buyied new yamaha fz bike in t.v. malai now iam in chennai 6/4/2009 afternoon iam go to sree motors to give 2 service in ashok nagar service supervisor treat me very very poor bad response speaking worstly to me iam just ask low mileage he speak u r mechnic how u tell me low mileage like tht really iam very sad to give service in that motors so iam cancel really sree motors management please check service supervisor iam asked is name but he cant response me service have no id card also please take immdit action to that show room service supervisor or like me all customer go from yamaha really i like very much like fz bike now iam going to sale my bike for only sree motors behaviors here after iam never buy yamaha bike

  • Is
      18th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    very very very very very worst service center in cheenai, naganallur. normal mechanic is better than yamaha service centre.pls change ur mechanic

  • Ra
      12th of May, 2009
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    I bought Yamaha R15 from malad east and was waiting for delivery, the staff was so uncooperative that they told me to wait for 1 hrs even though one person was roaming around and one pc was vacant, after i stated that i want to complain they came to attend me, no one really cared for customers and most of the customers were complaining.
    Later when i was about to take delivery they brought me another bike fz instead of R15 with my number plate on it, i was getting late so i was angry. I did not see any staff sales or service capable . This way they will take yamaha down in Mumbai.

  • Pa
      19th of May, 2009
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    I also have had problums with yamaha service, thay beat my parts with a hamer and have scared them badly thay say its only cosmetic ?shouldent i, being the owner, be the one who does the damag?never gave me back all the parts thay re&reed.poked a hole in new ball joint while beating with hamer thay replased the ball joint but not the spindel($$)now thay say i must have don the damage, Butt i had two friends helping and no force was used and no HAMERS. idiots!!!dont think i wont eny more yamahas, eny one wont, out bords 2 of them 2007 grizly, generator, trail bike, i caled yamaha (1-416-498-1911)but i doubt thay will help, thay say is we will be in touch with the dealer, (firm scolding)for them 56000$i paid ofer years and all i get is a sore ###.pissd yamaha customer.

  • Vi
      10th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    very poor service from sri motors chennai

  • Bi
      11th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I bought a 2006 V-star 1100 Silverado in October of 2005. It had 2500 miles on it, the dealer claimed the owner wanted a bigger bike and traded it.Great bike up until June 2nd 2009. I was on my way to Americade Rally in Lake George New York.the bike made a high pitched whine when I let off the throttle and noise went away when I accelerated.As I pulled in to our hotel I heard a clattering noise down near my left foot.New it was serious so I parked the bike and shut it off.Thankfully my wife was following me and our friends with the car hauling all our gear.Went to the nearest Yamaha dealer (Wilsons) and explained problem to the service manager.He told me to "ride it up here" and they would look at it.I repeated about the clattering sound to which he replied "It's only a half mile away, I'm not going to push it up here" I looked at my wife thinking well, it's still under warranty. O.K. A-hole. I rode it up there.Turned out the output shaft from the engine broke clean off.The little half mile ride to the dealer (Up hill) ground up some gears in the process.Wilsons refused to work on it and told me I had to have it towed to my dealer.It cost me $140.00 for tow and $80.00 for Wilsons to look at it.The bike had about 12, 000 miles on it.My dealer took 6 weeks putting the bike back together.I did the smart thing and traded it in on a Honda VTX 1300-T.Yamaha was useless helping me. I had an extended warranty so the repairs were free, but I have only been offered $50.00 reimbursement for tow and charges from Wilsons.I am fighting this.Because of this failure I was left without a bike the entire week of my vacation. No help from Yamaha with a loaner despite the fact they had 2 trailers full of demo bikes at the rally.This was my 1st and last Yamaha!!

  • Re
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    sir, am a fz 16 owner last 8 months, my vehicle date of complaint is my bikes chain sounds like a jerking, it also the chain will running half portion tightly and half loosely, the problem will came after 10000 km.becoz of that problem i see my bike two service centers in kottayam and cochin(S.G motors kottyam), then the( PSN motors cochin), the two service centers the wash the chain and lubed with Yamaha lube spray, after this procedure, the bike was okay up to 150 km, after the 150 km the sound is back. with the same jerking and looseness and half portion tight, my bike is now over15500 km, and i done 6th service.this the main problem with the fz16, in this problem i bad riding comfort and bad performance from my bike, what i do, i done the services correctly, and the chain lube and wash every 500 km, .pls give a good result from your part.
    My bike details, brought from S.G motors kottayam, Dealer code: 112.10 .date of purchase 12-01-2009.frame no:ME121C01192026129;Engine no:21C1026431. Reg;no;KL36A-1798.

  • Vi
      24th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This complaints board website is copying complaints from


    Global No. 1 complaints web Portal

    I will explain how i posted a compaint in the online website after 2 days the complaint is copied and posted hear.

  • An
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Sir, am a fz 16 owner last 9 months, my vehicle date of purchase-24/12/ complaint is my bikes chain sounds like a jerking, it also the chain will running half portion tightly and half loosely, the problem will came after 5000 km.becoz of that problem i see my bike two service centers in EVERGREEN YAMAHA{NH 47, KUMARAPURAM P.O, HARIPAD, ALLEPPY}, then the EVERGREEN YAMAHA(WEST OF THIRUVAMPADI JN, ALLEPPEY 02), the two service centers the wash the chain and lubed with Yamaha lube spray, after this procedure, the bike was okay up to 100 km, after the 100 km the sound is back. with the same jerking and looseness and half portion tight, my bike is now over12500 km, and i done 5th FREE SERVICE IN EVERGREEN YAMAHA(WEST OF THIRUVAMPADI JN, ALLEPPEY 02) .this the main problem with the fz16, in this problem i bad riding comfort and bad performance from my bike, what i do, i done the services correctly, and the chain lube and wash every 1500 km, .pls give a good result from your part.

    My bike details, brought from GEETHAM MOTORS, THATTARAMPALAM, MAVELIKKARA, .date of purchase 24/12/2008.frame no:ME121C01Y82012861;Engine no:21C1010742. Reg;no;KL-29 A-7015.Name & Regd owner : SHIVANKUTTY NAIR

  • Sa
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    yamaha is the worst service company towards customers and bad product supplier too

    i have got a gladiator ss on august 2009 month from ORPI AGENT coimbatore. A worst place and worst yamaha products. Cheapest yamaha products comes here i hope.

    Hey guys think of yourself, i am talking truly, just see the list of new yamaha bike orpi agents problems.
    1. At 60 kmph my bike started to shake heavily, the handle jerked which created hand and shoulder pains.

    2. My rear wheel wobbles when i go on the road at normal speeds which created lack of my driving confidence.

    3. My head lights were worst.

    4. My bumpers not aligned properly.

    5. Carburator was not proper, my bike stops here and there, then i have to start again.

    6. Finaly a great problem. My bike handle was not straight, oh my god. I always had chest and hand problems.

    7. Heavy problem is, one day when i was driving suddenly my bike stopped slowly and stopped at a point. I dont know the problem. Then a auto driver came and said the disc brake air lock happened. Then he bought his auto spares and cleared me that in the hot sun.

    Please please dont take a gladiator. or yamaha bike please plese

    middile class guys pls pls pls pls no dont opt any yamaha bike.

    if you want to mail me, mail to

    pls guys dont waste your parents money just for sake of show

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