Xulon Press / royalties

Maitland, FL, United States

I published my book with Xulon press two years ago but I have yet to receive any money. They claim you keep the majority of your money which is a lie . They have a big book distributor which gets 55 percent and they receive a big chunk also. This leaves you with a dime or quarter from every book. My book was crtique. I t was in a christian magazine that went to over 5000 churches. I also did two talk radio shows. Their has been four people involved with my account . It is mighty funny none of them work there now. One lady send me a print out stating i sold over 25ooo books and 63 at the trade show. So where is my money. all they want you do is spend money on their stuff but who knows if they really market you. They are Christian publishers that are not so christian. We all should file a class action lawsuit against them

Jul 14, 2018

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