Xcel Energyunauthorized billing

We are a military family and moved out of our condo and canceled service in June of 2008. We moved to Texas and placed our house on the market. The house did not sell until Oct. of 2008. It was sitting completely empty and unoccupied until it sold. Now Xcel is billing us $205.74 for services provided between June and Oct.

I called to ask what the bill was about, and was told that since we had owned the condo we are responsible for paying the energy usage. I replied that I should not be held accountable for the bill because I had specifically CANCELED the service! And it's not my fault that since Xcel did not turn the power off to the property it was still consuming energy.

Their response is that they never turn the power off, they just take your name off of the bill. And since I did not turn the breakers off I'm responsible for the consumption. I asked if they had something in writing stating that I'm responsible for turning off the breaker after canceling services to avoid getting charged. Their response was no.

When I asked for all the information needed to contest this bill I was told to 'look online'. I said no that is unacceptable and asked that all the papers necessary to contest this bill be mailed to my current address. So I can document all communication.

I was speaking to Specialist Carmen employee # 6263.

I had also asked to speak with someone of higher authority who can help me with this issue. I was told by Carmen that they would have to call me back, so I gave her my number and had it reconfirmed twice. This all happened today so I'm still waiting for a response. I was told that they usually get back to me in the same day.


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