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I have been an Xbox live customer since 2005. I recently bought an Xbox 360 and attempted to Link my Gamertag and account to the new Xbox.
I received an error and called Xbox live support. I was told that my Gamertag was already linked, not to an email adress, but just my Gamertag. I was told this is due to my account being from the original Xbox.

Xbox Live support cannot fix this issue and it has been ongoing for over 15days. The issue has been escalated to over 4 different manager/supervisors who have all offered to call me back if there is an update or not and all four managers have failed to call me back. All they tell me everytime I call back is to call back in a few days to see if an update is available. Last time I called, it took 15 minutes ti get to a manager who gave me no information, then could not even help me in making a complaint regarding the actions, or should I say inaction of the previous managers. I find it hard to beleive that Xbox Live Support does not have a Centre Manager. I have worked in call centres for over 8 years and every centre had a Centre Manager. Must be a Microsoft thing to take no responsibility for your company or workers actions.

Completely pathetic. They cannot add, update or delete any of the information of a customers acct. Ridiculous. Now I have to wait indefinitely until Microsoft get off there lazy behinds and fix this pathetic issue.
In short, buy a Wii or a Playstation 3. Even an Atari 2600. You`ll have less hassles and I bet those companies at least appear to respect their customers.

PS My final gripe. To any who read this and have worked in service industries or call centres. Would you beleive an Xbox Live manager called Drew(female) even had the nerve to advise me to call back for an update from time to time. From TIME TO TIME. How long is that? Every week, couple of weeks, or even months? As I wrote earlier, I have worked in Call Centre`s for 8 years and I would never give a customer a response like Xbox Live support. COMPLETELY PATHETIC...

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  • Di
      May 09, 2009

    To Xbox live enforcement team….whoever you are
    I am writing in regards to an unfair suspension. My son’s account ( he is 12 years old) was suspended for 2 days because he had inappropriate words in his bio. I agree with that. After 2 days he was reinstated and his entire bio/motto etc was deleted. The next day after reinstatement, he got suspended again for one week this time. He did not even play online in between suspensions.He plays in the living room and I am always at home so I can monitor what he says. He is not cursing.
    In the email that I received it said “due to inappropriate content found in his bio”…which is totally inaccurate (his bio was entirely deleted by xbox team). This shows that this is a totally automated system that randomly suspends accounts.I don’t know who files complains against him and how this works. Nobody can help me and xbox customer service sucks. You have to wait one hour to talk to someone and then you get a person that barely speaks English or with such a horrible accent that you don’t understand a word.
    My son complained to me many times that when he plays online and wins, some people get upset and kick him out of the game or, even worse, report him. Or when he joins some groups and gets killed in the game, the players get upset also and kick him out. This so called policy of xbox live is not good. And about inappropriate words…give me a break…they all curse like crazy..I can hear them and to be honest…look at Microsoft games, the characters curse and swear at each other in all their games, look at the violence that Microsoft promotes! So give me break about inappropriate content.
    I am fed up with microsoft and their policies and their ineffective customer service. Nobody can explain to me what are they doing. So I am going to sell the xbox360 and all the games and accessories (thousand of dollars) and buy a PS3, which is great. With Sony you don’t have to deal with Microsoft. And to microsoft xbox live enforcement team, you are doing a terrible job…read the forums and hear the people’s frustration…we spent a lot of money for something that we can’t have? Access to xbox live? Give me a break!! Microsoft…who do you think you are? How can you suspend an account that I AM PAYING FOR? And nobody can actually tell me exactly why the account is suspended?
    May 8, 2009

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  • Co
      May 31, 2009

    i hate the xbox live enforcement team there just fat ### who fear originality and id totaly beatdown your son in the game universe but i dont want a futristic door stop (known as the ps3) so your sons rep is safe



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  • Yo
      Jul 31, 2009

    xbox live enforcement team is just a bunch of little bi*ches. seriously igot banned for trash talking. 1. i usually play by myself & 2. i hardly even use my mic soo
    screw this im gettin a ps3 next week

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  • Th
      Oct 28, 2009

    Banned for my motto.

    "Effin right doggie"

    I've been playing with said motto for over 3 years. Someone must have gotten butthurt when I was annihilating them last night in CoD. I agree M$ uses automation for this crap, any live person would have laughed that complaint off.

    Way it goes: Get enough people to complain and the person MUST be in violation. Fail.

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  • Sl
      Mar 04, 2010

    Xbox live enforcement team you are bullies. I had xbox live longer then most of them 8+ years . I got suspended for my motto that i had for over 4 years. My gamer tag is PoisonScorpion the same name on the 1st xbox live... soo enforcement team tell me the truth did i beat you in halo or was it call of duty. I cant play live for a day soo i wrote you a love letter. if it wasn't for the good online and me being soo good at it i would have real friends by now LOL. Microsoft should make a Rated M gamer tag. I dont hate xbox im thier fan and want to work for them. I also got ban from earning halo xp for 2 weeks do you guys not want me to play xbox or something? i guess i will use one of my other accounts for now. my motto was smackem ownem rapem and it was like that for 4 years it sounded cool and thats 3 things i would had done to the enforcement team... can they suspended for this post... im scared!!!. they should of took my motto out not suspended me. I got my language is from xbox you can even tell my family.

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  • Zo
      May 05, 2010

    My motto was nut up or shut up!!!
    Maybe someone was mad because i'm not that great at COD:MW2, or maybe they don't like a word in my motto??? Anyways i been using that for like 2 months and no one mind (must like the movie Zombieland). This is ### and i don't care about changing my motto, a warning would have been nice Xbox live enforcement team. I totally agree with the other complaints and i don't want to beat around the bush (just want to play games with friends). So If they start to get any more bugs up their ### and saylike my gamer tag is inappropriate, i'll quit with them and stick with Sony. If you care about your customers, then communicate with them or otherwise step down.

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