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My wife received email that son's 12 month Xbox Live supscription would automatically be renewed in January if we did not call to cancel... 1-800 number takes you to India where they ask for all kinds of personal information (e.g. home phone..home address... son's name... card holder name... card number... reason for cancelling)... repeatedly put you on hold, transfer you to at least three different people, keep you tied up on the phone for over 30 minutes, then try to sell you additional Xbox live subscriptions for your friends or relatives, before finally telling your susbscription should be cancelled, but to please double check by calling them back near your subscription renewal date (January) with a reference number they provide... It was unbelievable... and I'm not totally convinced my son's subscription has really been cancelled.

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  • Jo
      Apr 22, 2009

    It is nearly impossible to cancel your xbox membership!!!

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  • Di
      May 09, 2009

    To Xbox live enforcement team….whoever you are
    I am writing in regards to an unfair suspension. My son’s account ( he is 12 years old) was suspended for 2 days because he had inappropriate words in his bio. I agree with that. After 2 days he was reinstated and his entire bio/motto etc was deleted. The next day after reinstatement, he got suspended again for one week this time. He did not even play online in between suspensions.He plays in the living room and I am always at home so I can monitor what he says. He is not cursing.
    In the email that I received it said “due to inappropriate content found in his bio”…which is totally inaccurate (his bio was entirely deleted by xbox team). This shows that this is a totally automated system that randomly suspends accounts.I don’t know who files complains against him and how this works. Nobody can help me and xbox customer service sucks. You have to wait one hour to talk to someone and then you get a person that barely speaks English or with such a horrible accent that you don’t understand a word.
    My son complained to me many times that when he plays online and wins, some people get upset and kick him out of the game or, even worse, report him. Or when he joins some groups and gets killed in the game, the players get upset also and kick him out. This so called policy of xbox live is not good. And about inappropriate words…give me a break…they all curse like crazy..I can hear them and to be honest…look at Microsoft games, the characters curse and swear at each other in all their games, look at the violence that Microsoft promotes! So give me break about inappropriate content.
    I am fed up with microsoft and their policies and their ineffective customer service. Nobody can explain to me what are they doing. So I am going to sell the xbox360 and all the games and accessories (thousand of dollars) and buy a PS3, which is great. With Sony you don’t have to deal with Microsoft. And to microsoft xbox live enforcement team, you are doing a terrible job…read the forums and hear the people’s frustration…we spent a lot of money for something that we can’t have? Access to xbox live? Give me a break!! Microsoft…who do you think you are? How can you suspend an account that I AM PAYING FOR? And nobody can actually tell me exactly why the account is suspended?
    May 8, 2009

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  • Bi
      Jun 02, 2009

    The same thing happened to me recently. According to the customer service supervisor in the resolution center I spoke with (her name was Grace -- had a chinese accent, but her english was descent), she said that they have been doing this for 8 years and everyone knows when they replace your bad bio with "Code of Conduct", that it really means "replace me asap". I told Grace if they wanted me to take action, why not tell me in the email notification, or better yet, put it in the text they use to replace the inappropriate bio. I cannot believe how dull they are. The best part of my conversation was whenever I asked a tough question she didn't know what to do, so she would spout some boilerplate text from her script, like "We are not required to give you advance notice when we suspend your account" and "You should know the content of your online bio". Could never bring herself to say 'I don't know' or 'That seems unfair'.

    I ended up posting a message on the suspension xbox community group. Supposedly the enforcement team (one of them being a guy with a gamertag of bootblack) reviews the posts there and will lift suspensions that were unjust. The community feeling is that users have the best success when the pm one of the members of the enforcement team.

    I am thinking of taking them to small claims court.

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  • Ji
      Jun 02, 2009

    "they ask for all kinds of personal information "
    Hmmm... how else could they verify the account?
    I called Xbox live to cancel and sure, they tried to get me to wait or make some deal with them but all I did was politely cut them off and say "No thanks, I'd really just like to cancel my subscription?" Wasn't a hassle for me at all. You've just gotta tell them what you want and stick to it. Screw their deals, just tell 'em what you want."

    hmmm... maybe by refering to the actual credit/debit card details that are directly registered to the xbox live account that is all any company should ever require when cancelling a subscription.

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  • Mr
      Jun 02, 2009

    " that is all any company should ever require when cancelling a subscription."
    Well apparently it isn't.

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  • Ke
      Aug 02, 2009

    If Microsoft’s Vista is bad, then their customer service philosophy is Satan.

    I have an xbox 360; which is an excellent little piece of hardware. Recently, Microsoft ran a promotion of $1.00 for a month of xbox Live, which my son, Zeb, wanted to use. I went a head and plugged in my credit card info on the console, took about 30 seconds, no problems, boom—we’re online. It tells me it will auto-renew unless I cancel. Right there, I feel like I just signed up for a scam site, but hey… It’s Microsoft, they have a good reputation, so I don’t worry about it. I just plan on canceling later. I’d had a bad experience trying to cancel xbox live before, but I just assumed it was a one-time deal. I’m an idiot. But this experience confirmed something for me: Microsoft does this by design. It is an engineered system to take advantage of people, and it should be legally shut down. Is this class-actionable? I’ve seen so many posts about this stuff.

    Note: if anyone has WORKED for Microsoft and has any evidence of their training practices for xbox live, I’m dying to hear from you.

    I go to the console today to cancel the account, and strangely… there’s nowhere to do so. I log into the “administer accounts” area, it has my xbox live account in there, but when I click on that account my only two options are both upgrades–no cancel. So, I go to the credit card tied to the account, thinking I’ll remove it. Guess what, you can’t delete a card from the console, only add one. You can’t change the number, or anything… It’s just stuck in there, like a lovely little ATM for Microsoft’s joy.

    So, I finally call… I’ve already wasted a half-hour going through the menu systems. Now I’m about to enter phone hell with Microsoft.

    The first guy I get can barely speak English. But I decide to stick it out with him. He asks for the gamer tag (the online account on the xbox), which I supply. He asks for phone, address, email address, billing address—all of which I supply. He then tells me to go log into the xbox with that gamer tag, log into the windows live ID that is associated with the gamer tag, and tell me what I see on the screen.

    OK. None of this was needed to ENTER the card, why the hell am I fighting to REMOVE it? I tell him I don’t know my son’s windows Live login, and he probably doesn’t either. He says without it, he can not cancel the reoccurring billing. I tell him to get me someone who speaks English and who can fix the problem. I tell him I’ve demonstrated I’m the card owner, why can’t I cancel MY OWN CARD. He says because it’s connected to the gammer account and I need to prove I own the gammer account.

    He tells me that the supervisors are very busy, and it may take a while to get one. He puts me on hold for 5 minutes. He pops back in and tells me he’s still looking for a supervisor. I tell him to piss off. He says, “I’m sorry, sir?” I don’t think he understood the colloquialism. At this point, I’m reasonably certain one of their tactics is to make it so difficult and long, people give up. I would bet they’re putting me in the hold pattern to just frustrate me to the point of hanging up. I’ve been on the phone for 22 minutes. I’ve thought about calling the bank and just telling them to stop the auto-billing, but then I’m worried that Microsoft has some small print that no one has ever seen that will result in some large fine being assessed for canceling the card; it is, after all, clearly THEIR card.

    The supervisor gets on. He speaks better English, but accented. We go through the entire process again of verifying all the addresses, phone numbers, blah blah. He won’t tell me what piece of information is missing, just that I haven’t satisfactorily answered his security questions. I grasp at a straw and give him my son’s mom’s address, which turns out to be what he was looking for. That address is not in any way associated with my billing or my credit card. I’m sure he put it in when he created the gamer tag, but how is that relevant to the credit card processing? Answer: it’s not. But, how it is relevant is… it gives you another hoop you have to jump through, which means it’s more likely you’ll fail, and it also means they will be able to keep billing you. They say it’s in the name of security, but it’s in the name of charlatan business practices.

    I flat-out asked the overly kind thief who was processing my requests: “Do you feel this is right? All this effort your customer has to make to remove a credit card billing from your system?” He started going on and on about policies and security. I interrupted him: “I said, do YOU think this is right?” He could only talk about policies.

    I don’t know that he had a soul; I’m certain the people who engineered this process don’t.

    Turns out that the billing cycle renews on the 24th, but the billing happens on the 4th (when I started the account). So, of course, I have to pay for another month of the services at $8.00. Another shameful business practice.

    He started wrapping up my call and I said, “so, this card will be removed from this account, right?” He said, “Oh, no, sir. This is only the request to stop the automatic billing. Removing a credit card is another process that requires a separate request. You can also wait until your Live account expires and then request it through the console.”

    I literally took the phone from my ear and looked at it like it was from another planet.

    I said, “I’ve demonstrated to you that the account is mine, right?” He agreed. “And I’ve also demonstrated to you that I own that credit card, right?” He agreed. “Then you will find a way, right now, to remove that card from that account, right now.”

    “Well there is a way for you to request it on the phone, but it has some qualifications.”

    So, after he charged my account for the upcoming $8.00 (that I “owed” to renew on the 4th), he then asked me a bunch of questions that I had to agree to to make sure they could delete the card from the account. One of them was, “Do you agree to not use this card or the gamertag to make any further purchases from Microsoft.” I laughed hard; really hard.

    According to my phone, it took 44 minutes at the phone number 800.469.9269.

    I don’t have any accounts with porn sites, but I understand they have automatic recurring billing. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts you can cancel those accounts in seconds. This tells me that the porn industry has higher morals and business practices than Microsoft.

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  • Bo
      Jun 30, 2011

    I think this is all crazy my boyfriends account was suspended for 2 days due to inactivity then saying he had inappropriate things on his bio. I agree with that but he changed everything on his bio once everything was set back to normal now he is suspended again for something else and they wont send him an email or he cant get a hold of anyone so he can find out what happened ?? What exactly happened did he get suspended or did he get hacked?

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