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Xbox 360 Microsoft / faulty console

1 Manchester, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

i purchased my xbox 2 years ago, within months it had to be sent back because of faults. the product was purchased in november and just months later when i phoned xbox (infamous) customer support i was informed that i had an older model that was likely to have faults. so when did this new model get released with no faults i asked? 6 months ago was the reply. so why on earth had i been able to buy an xbox, that knowingly had faults by the manufacturer, 3 months after the issue of new consoles? now to cut a long story short my box has been for repair 3 times since i owned it and now im convinced the new xbox dashboard update has finally finished this decrepid console. So iask, why should i have to pay to have a product repaired that never functioned properly in the first place? BILL GATES sort your house out or there will be an mass exodus to PLAYSTATION - Call Of Duty 4 kept millions hooked but you dont have a game like that anymore and will struggle to emulate it. oh! and 1 last thing mister GATES i would like to refresh your memory with a quote from your own lips "Playstation could sell a box of bricks and people would still buy it" now that sounds like the pot calling the kettle black or a renaming of your own brand to XBRICKS!

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