X-Treme Scooters Wholesale, Alpha Products Internationalmissing parts, no service


I bought a XA-750 electric ATV and picked it up from the Newton, IA warehouse on a Thursday. Upon assembly, numerous parts were missing and the batteries were totally dead - unrecoverable according to a local Interstate Battery dealer. I borrowed a set of batteries and discovered that the controller module was also bad. I took the original dead batteries and the module back to Newton on the following Monday. They had no batteries in stock and said they would order new and they would take three weeks. It has now been six weeks and no word of any kind. I have opened several support tickets and have made numerous calls to their Customer Support department. As for the controller module, they gave me something that doesn't even begin to fit. Along with it is a two page conversion of the original to the substitute - somewhat. The plugs are different and some items on the ATV can't be used because the replacement module doesn't have a plug for it. No plugs were supplied. I contacted an electrical shop and they said they could do it for about $100. The service departments solution is for me to take the ATV back to them and leave it so they can modify the wiring. Even then, some features would not be functional. I am not about to part possession to them even though I currently have a $450 door stop that is doing me no good. It is brand new and will be out of warranty before it ever rolls a wheel. I have given up on this ever working. Folks, don't make a mistake and buy anything from them.

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