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They have one of the worst business models! The small service that they offer (connecting students with tutors) is not worth the 40% that they take for each time that the student and tutor meets. They create such an awkward business environment when students don't have the payment method on file. They should be the ones forcing students to input payment info rather tutors. I hope this company fails and people stop using it...

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  • Li
      27th of Aug, 2012

    Agree, they are ripping off the tutors. 40% is way too high, and they try to justify it by saying that the tutors get all these perks, and free business cards. Big Deal, not worth the 40% of the fee that I earned from my knowledge and service I provided. My recommendation is to use them to connect you to students, and then pitch your own side deal with the student after you meet them with a more reasonable rate that works for the both of you. And just to clarify, I’m not saying Wyzant shouldn’t get paid for connecting tutor and student, but 40%...? Not justified.

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  • 20
      4th of Sep, 2012

    Hi Bilibere, I read your review about Wyzant. I had the same problem with them and a local tutoring company as well. That's why I created my own tutoring website, We do not charge a commission to host tutor profiles, we charge a low monthly rate of $19.99 and you can receive up to three months free when you sign up. We provide a lot of free, helpful videos to students which provides our tutors with a large client base that can find their profile.

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  • Je
      22nd of Dec, 2015

    Forty percent is too high, and I have other minor issues with them, but they are a lead generation machine. I get far more contacts from them than any other source (except word-of-mouth). Note that their take decreases as you get more experience, and if you make a side deal, as someone proposed, you will get banned from WyzAnt.

    The comment that they make the tutors enter payment information is just plain wrong. The students enter the payment information. WyzAnt is just trying to protect their business by not letting you send contact information until the students have done so.

    Yes, WA takes a big cut, but they generate leads. It's a trade-off (like everything else).

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