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People, be careful, because the website is big crap. My son played games there and accidently downloaded some program, bit it contained virus. After that all problems started. I tried to reach moderators, but all my attempts failed. The website is unsafe and not suitable for kids at all. As well as check the website and tell to all your friends and relatives that it is serious and harmful.

May 29, 2015
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      10th of Feb, 2016
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    Roblox does not give viruses if downloaded from the actual roblox website so that could've for sure been a front (I am not saying it is); however roblox is still very stupid. I can bring up the stupid 'It's free!" adds as part of the problem roblox actually has, but the lies about being completely free are not a huge problem. The problem with roblox among many other websites that have many users is the moderating. You can be banned for the stupidest of things. Some shady stuff does also happen including the fact that an hour or less after I posted a comment to a game telling someone to stop criticizing players for simply being new to the game I got an error when going to the page of the game if I went to it on the account I posted the comment in. Lastly of my complaints; roblox is infested with exploiters and it is the dumbest thing I've ever seen, with it being the fact that they are "script kiddies" (a.k.a they download a script/exploit and proclaim to be the real hacker, but it is not true) . The last thing I will mention is that people think it will turn their kids into a developer but learning lua scripting (in a somewhat different than complete lua roblox variant) and taking several hours to build things (with the fact that learning to build also takes a while - really long time).

    Sorry for any bad grammar this was only written by a young user. (2/10/2016)

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